Questions Students Should Ask About Study Abroad

Anyone who already studied abroad with movers cross country will tell you that all their questions have not answered before they reach their college at a new place. So, for those who are planning to study abroad, we have come with a compiled list of questions that students have in their minds.

 Question no. 1: What amount of money I should have before I go abroad for study?

Many students have this question that how much they should save before they move. Generally, $200 to $300 US a week is in costly cities and $100-$200 a week at the average place with average prices of living and around $50 to $100 a week at affordable places. Though this cost does not include your traveling cost and housing cost. It just include the cost of the eating and public transportation.

Once you have decided the country, your next task is to check the organization to determine the overallmoney you will need to do that program and what expenses would be there in studying out of country. If it is possible then ask any student of your area about the expenses of study abroad and then make a plan of whether studying abroad is the right choice for you or not.

 Question no. 2: How do I start packing for studying out of state?

Yes, you can ship a limited weight of baggage so you can’t ship any items according to your choice in your airlines. But because you are going out to study it means you need to live there longer, therefore, more quantity of stuff you will need there. Right? So, start your packing at least a week before you move.

  • Pack clothes for a week or more.
  • Take shoes either 2 to 3 pairs.
  • Take one large size of backpack bag for the weekend gateways
  • Get a study backpack to take your school or college supplies
  • Don’t forget to bring any kind of prescribed medicines.
  • Take toiletries for a few weeks.
  • Make sure you have an extra copy of important documents with you and you can access them anytime and anywhere.
  • Check whether you are getting a completely furnished dorm so that there is no use of bringing appliances and other necessary items.

Don’t bring too many items else you will find yourself in a miserable situation.

Question no. 3: On what factors I can decide the best country to study out of country?

Though there is no any straight rule that this particular country is the best option for you but considering a few factors will help you in deciding the best country for study. Consider the university in which you want to enroll yourself. Apart from this, consider factors such as class credit offered, availability of the public transportation, support services, budget, and activities offered, nearby places to explore, historical places and so on. Consider these factors, your budget as well as your needs to make the best decision for you.

There are also many other questions that students have in their minds. But these are the most important questions that will help you.


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