How to give back to your community

Working in a tight-knit community can be incredibly rewarding. It can also really show its worth when something goes wrong in the community or a local resident is experiencing trouble. You may have even benefitted from community work or a local charity who has generously provided for you. It is therefore understandable that those who love and adore their local townsfolk and neighbors may want to help out in return: either in a professional or voluntary capacity.

Volunteer for charities

Volunteering for charities doesn’t just involve working at your local thrift store. It can be an incredibly diverse sector, with some very challenging work. How demanding you want your role to be is entirely up to you. For example, you could work for schemes that aim to support troubled youths or you could simply offer to work in a kitchen that provides meals to the homeless. Volunteering for a charity could even be as simple as working behind the cashier of a shop: whatever you do will be of service to the people around you.

Take up community-based work

As well as working for local charities, you may actually want to make working in the community your profession. You could use your current area of expertise to become a locally-based helper, whether that’s in a shop, government-funded scheme or in the healthcare profession. For example, if you are medically trained you could use a FNP program to qualify as a Family Nurse Practitioner. This would see you using your medical qualifications to work in and among the community and provide much-needed support to those that live there.

Skip the chains

Of course, major stores such as Target and Costco have huge money-saving benefits for many citizens. However, this sometimes isn’t great for community stores that are funded by local residents. While you might not always have the budget to shop local, it might help the local economy to do so when you can. Getting just some of your groceries at local stores, and buying special presents from independent shops is a small way of showing your community’s businesses that you care.

Self-driven charity

If you don’t have the time to volunteer at a local charity, then why not make the donations yourself? Hosting a yard sale could be the perfect way to generate some community-funded cash to donate to your charity of choice.

Offer your skills when needed

You might be surprised by just how useful your skills can be when it counts. For example, a local talent contest might need a singing judge, or a charity funfair may need your painting abilities for a face-painting stall. Asking community events if you can be of service in any way could open up some surprising avenues for you.

Giving back to your community isn’t just about working in charity shops on your weekends. You can easily give back to the community through your professional capabilities and training, unique talents and through your custom.

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