How to Get More Views on YouTube – 6 Tactics that Actually Work

We all have eyed the most famous YouTubers and how they earn thousands of dollars just by making videos. Upon seeing them, you created your YouTube channel but unlike their millions of views, you have only got ten out of which eight are from your friends, pretty lousy, right? That feeling can be pretty crushing and we know because we have been there. But we were too tired of being frustrated and really wanted to do something. We all have felt that needles aren’t moving but we have dug in deeper to find out the tactics that are aimed at increasing the views on YouTube. 

So, let’s move forward and see how you can make bounds on YouTube viewing base!

Viewing Loop Is The Way To Go 

Viewing loop is defined as the process of keeping viewers engaged on the channel and holding them to keep watching the videos. This has to be an essential step in increasing the number of views. To increase the number of views, you need to create engaging and interesting content that keeps the viewers on your channel. Buy Youtube views from smmpoint, Through these videos, you will be able to keep the target audience on the channel for long. But how do you do it? Let us help you with the following things;

Add-In Video Links 

When you upload a video, create the clickable link of the video. For instance, if you are a beauty vlogger and you’ve got a makeup tutorial ready. Add “click here” in the current video to direct the viewers to the next video!

Watch Next Videos

These videos can have a certain pop-up time in the current video. People often opt for the end time because it doesn’t disturb the watching experience of the viewer. However, you must always add the video relevant to the current video as people tend to have created a mood for such videos.

Optimizing The Videos

YouTube is one of the most used search engine platforms and search engine optimization on YouTube is essential as it’s on Google. The optimization of videos will help in enhancing the visibility of the content and increase the number of vies. To optimize the videos, it is advised to use the keywords in the video title, video description, and if you adding the subtitles, add some keywords there as well. While choosing the keywords, make sure that you are using relevant and high-performing keywords. 

The best way to find the right keywords is to check the keywords used by competitors. Moreover, you can also check third-party keyword tools to find the right keywords. 

The Longing Long-Tails

It’s safe to say that competition on YouTube is enormous and people are usually talking about the same primary topics. For instance, there are millions of people looking for makeup tutorials, unboxing, tips and tricks, recipes, and much more. But if you want to make a change for yourself and increase the number of views, do the opposite of what they are doing. Some tips for long tailing includes;

  • If someone isn’t talking about the pet videos, you get up and make those videos when the potential audience is looking for them
  • Always be unique in the content and context 

Make Them Keep Watching 

If you want to increase the number of views, you need to keep them on the channel. The user experience of the watchers includes watch time, shares, number of likes, number of dislikes, and comments. If these mentioned metrics are going on the positive side, keep on creating the same niched content. However, if there is a decline in these metrics, it’s high time that you research and give people something that they want to see. 

Get In The Collab

Yeah, the Instagram term for collaboration because it’s all the rage these days. YouTube isn’t a battlefield where you are fighting against each other, rather it’s a community where the content creators are working to make videos that entertain and help the audience and viewers. So, if you want to increase the views, it is better to collaborate with your fellow content creators and create an online board with tons of useful information. 

Be Discoverable

Everyone talks about the style of content they want to see rather than talking about the type of content. There are two categories of YouTube videos, community-based and discoverable based. The discoverable-based content is better as it attracts the audience that wants to be a part of your audience from the heart!

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