The Power of Comments on Social Media

With so many people being involved in social media, it is quite easy to end up having a conversation with some of the many other people that are online at any given time. This is what forms the social aspect of social media. A big part of the conversation to be had on social media involves the use of comments. This is far from a straight-forward matter, as comments can come in many different shapes and sizes. The thing to remember, though, is that you need to engage with them as comments provide social media accounts with a crucial amount of interaction. Getting comments is not particularly easy so if you are stuck for them, you can always have a look at places where you can buy real Instagram comments. However, you should first understand the ins-and-outs of how comments work and how they can benefit your profile.

 Interacting with other users 

This is a factor which cannot be over-stated. Actually interacting with other social media users is a key part of social networking as it allows you to develop a rapport with the people who take an interest in your profile and its content. This is not a hard thing to do. It’s not unlike interaction in the real world. The difference is the discussions you have with other users will be there for all to see. To this end, it is something you should make sure to regularly engage in. It doesn’t matter what the subject of the comment is, it is important to respond promptly and in detail. By doing so, other users will see that you are interested in the opinions of others and you are also showing respect for those who take the time to leave you a comment. This kind of behaviour does not go unnoticed by other users and word-of-mouth will help build your reputation.

Generating more engagement

Another important benefit of comments on social media is that, while being a form of social media interaction themselves, they can generate further interaction from other users. This comes from the fact that the right kind of comment can illicit strong reactions from other users. These reactions could be in the form of likes as other users wish to display their agreement with the comment in question. These reactions could also come in the shape of additional comments as other people seek to address the point made in the original comment. These additional comments may be words of encouragement, they may be corrections or they may add or ask for additional information. Furthermore, they may be comments which criticise or object to the original one. If this is the case, you are lucky because this is likely to lead to a back-and-forth discussion between the two users which will also surely involve plenty of input from other users who happen to be on the sidelines looking in.

How to get more comments

Much like trying to catch the eye of other social media users in general, the recommended strategies for getting more comments for your profile are similar to those for getting views, likes and followers. Making the most of hashtags in your posts is one way that is likely to draw more attention your way as people who are interested in those specific topics will be lead your way. Similarly, adding a location to your post is another that will help bring your content to the attention of users based in that area. Another more pro-active idea in order to get comments for your profile is to encourage them. This can be done by adding posts which request specific responses. An example would be to write a post detailing an interest of yours and then ask other social media users to comment beneath it with their own experiences. Another ploy is to run a competition where users have to post a comment to enter. These ways are likely to lead to more comments but they are no guarantees. There is only one way that you can guarantee you will get more comments.

How paid-for comments can be used to boost your popularity

Paying for comments is a service that has proven to be particularly popular in recent times. Given that comments have the potential to generate further interaction, paid-for comments are certainly a smart investment. However, you should be advised to carefully consider how you are going to add these comments to your content. As we mentioned above, there is a strong possibility that the right comment can generate even more interaction from other users. Therefore, unlike the case of adding views and likes, you don’t need to add as many comments as possible in order to increase your profile’s interaction. In fact, the opposite is recommended. A single comment can be enough to get the interaction flowing for your post but if you’re still not convinced, a second should do the trick. However, adding more than that may distort the engagement rates so caution is advised. As long as the comment is relevant and coherent, it should at least be enough for a few likes.


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