How to create a Facebook QR code for your Facebook Business Page?

As Facebook reports that more than 200 million small businesses are employing the use of Facebook tools to max out their marketing and selling efforts to the Facebook community, the competition between them tightens. 

With the slim chance of penetrating the market by inserting video clips in every video available to watch on Facebook, the money these businesses exploit rises with less or no customer acquisition at all. 

To remedy this situation, they should start to look for a better marketing tool and strategy to ensure the security of getting more page likes, views, inquiries, and sales. 

And with QR codes as one of the contactless marketing tools that win the users’ hearts in terms of user convenience, they can apply the use of it into their Facebook page in the form of a Facebook QR code. 

What is a Facebook QR code? 

A Facebook QR code has the same function as the URL QR code. But its main key takeaway is that they inform people what the URL is all about. This type of QR code embeds a person or business’s Facebook Profile or Page link into a QR code with the use of a QR code generator online. 

Businesses can place their created QR codes in their Thank You cards, social media postings, product information, and more. As long as people can see the QR code and is not a distraction for them. 

Why do businesses need to have a Facebook QR code for their Business Page?

Because of Facebook’s easy access, you can invite and make friends with lesser hassle. The same concept is applied if you create a QR code to promote your business page. 

With the availability of a QR code generator online, here are some reasons why businesses need to have a Facebook QR code for their business page. 

Directs customers right to your page

Creating a Facebook QR code for your business page can pose an increase in page visits and sales for your customers. After scanning, QR codes will direct your customers to the exact page where the information is stored. 

Through this, the hassle of typing in your business page name in the search bar is now eradicated and now replaced with the scan and view mechanism with QR codes. 

Easy to create and deploy

Another reason why businesses should employ the use of QR codes in their offline and online marketing means is that it will not require you to be a techy person when making and deploying these QR codes. 

Can be scanned with any smartphone devices

Since device compatibility is everything for most businesses, scanning a QR code will not become a hindrance for most of their customers. As most users today have a built-in QR code scanner on their devices, the transition from the code to the page becomes easy with one scan. 


As most businesses especially the starting ones are frugal in terms of spending their money on marketing, they need to choose a working marketing tool that is worth the money they will spend. 

With different QR code generators available online, you can get the best bargain for your QR code utilization. 

How to create a Facebook QR code for Your Facebook Business Page?

Now that you know the reasons why you need to have a Facebook QR code for your business page, you can now proceed in creating one by following these 6 simple steps. 

  1. Secure your page URL link. 
  2. Sign up and open a QR code generator with logo online.
  3. Select the Facebook Category and Paste your Facebook Page link
  4. Choose the “Create a dynamic QR code” icon and generate your QR code. 
  5. Do a scan test. 
  6. Download and embed your Facebook QR code to your products and social media posts

By correctly following these steps, you can be confident that the QR code you create for your Facebook Business Page is legit, secure, and competitively increase the number of your page likes, visits, inquiries, and closed deals in no time. 


In an era where people scrolling through a series of products online is the new product buying norm, various social media networks are now integrating the business platform for businesses to use. 

And as these networks are creating a new way for businesses to expand their marketing and sales jurisdiction, the competition heightens. Because of that, small businesses have to heighten their marketing means with QR codes to easily gain more sales and customers. 

Through this, their customers’ inquiry steps lessen and can jump right through the page by just scanning the QR code.

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