What questions to ask when renting a moving truck?

More and more people are interested in independent moves. Instead of relying on movers, people pack and move their belongings themselves and truck rental services are their aid in this. While truck rental companies make it extremely easy to move from one place to another independently, hiring the right truck rental service is the key.

10 best national moving companies with Moving APT, when asked about the major concerns of hiring a truck rental had a unanimous answer to give. They state that it is the unawareness and lack of information with the customers that make the process tough and less fructifying.

To ensure that no one struggles with the consequences of a poor moving truck rental choice, here we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that makes hiring a truck rental easy and successful:

FAQs for renting a truck:

  1. What size rental truck is right for me?

As per the best truck moving companies, a pick-up truck is the best for moving a studio. Cargo trucks can also be used for such small sized moves. On the other hand, experts suggests renting a large box truck, a truck which is at least 10 feet, for moving one- two bedroom apartment. If you are moving an apartment with more than 3 or 4 bedroom, you must stick with an even larger truck for easily accommodating all your belongings with safety. The best truck rental companies will be more than happy to offer you guidance. Go ahead and ask, if you are not sure of the size of rental truck you must engage.

2- What is the cost of renting a truck?

The cost of renting a truck differs depending on its size. For example, if you are renting a 10 to 12 ft. moving truck for a move from Miami to New York, you must be prepared to pay approximately $1000. There are several factors that influence the cost of renting a truck including:

  • Size of the truck
  • Existing location
  • Destination
  • Moving Date
  • Any route changes
  • Miles added as per preference
  • Moving equipment availed

Truck rental cost is also high during peak seasons and hence a detailed estimate should be procured from the truck rental service provider.

3- What time is the peak truck rental season?

Summer months are the best time people choose for moving and hence the peak months for moving are May to September. While avoiding moving during these months is a great way to avoid undue expenses, you must book truck rental service in advance if you have no other option than moving. You can also save money by choosing a weekday to move instead of a weekend.

4- What us the gas mileage of a moving truck?

Frankly speaking, the gas mileage of a moving truck is not that great. Size of the truck, weather conditions, speed of the vehicle while driving, etc. are a few factors that further affect the gas mileage. A typical 10 ft. truck can offer a gas mileage of 12 miles per gallon. On the other hand, a 26 ft. large truck can give you 10 miles per gallon. You must discuss the gas mileage with the truck rental provider.

5- Is it my duty to refuel the moving truck?

Yes, as per a general guideline, most of the moving truck companies will expect you to refuel the moving truck before you return it back. You can also choose to pay instead of refueling. Discuss the charge with the company beforehand.

6- Are truck rental scams real? How do I avoid it?

Yes, sadly, truck rental scams are real because like most of the other industries, there are rogue players in the moving industry as well. The good news is, these scams can be avoided by engaging with a reliable and credible moving company. You can always do some research to check the moving company background, customer ratings and credentials with the Better Business Bureau.

7- Is advance booking for truck rental is better?

Yes, the earlier you book a rental truck the better it will be for you, Not only you get a chances to book the service on your preferred date, but you also can enjoy great discount offers that the companies offer. Last minute truck rental services cost you more as you need a truck at any cost and the truck rental provider understands it pretty well.

Renting a truck for moving is a great way to minimize your moving costs. However, you must only engage in the DIY way of moving if you have previous experience or skills and knowledge of moving.


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