Tutorial to Raise Contest Votes to Improve Winning Chances

The contest you choose to win prizes should have best trust over online networking sites. First step is finding the right contest which has great value in joining. Consider experts research to get right idea. Who are these experts? They are your competitors. Check your competitors regularly to find the right types of contest to join.

To win any contest, you have to get votes more than the competitors. So you have to track the competitors every move to take right action. Let’s look the super working ways to raise contest votes to improve winning chances.

1. Profile Account Creation

To advertise and share your contest link, you need to find right social media sites. After you choose the platforms, you can create profile for your brand. Develop the page over months by regularly posting engaging content.

Interact with your fans as quick as possible to gain more trust. It’s time to share your contest link on your page. When you give value to the fans through your page, you can easily get lot of votes for your contest. Some of the greatest platforms are Facebook business fan page and group page.

Group page gives great support from fans instantly after you share your contest entry. If your business is small and you can start creating fan page. When your niche is wide and popular, you have to create Facebook group to get all the benefits.

2. Give Brand Power

The more power your brand has means it has more fans. Your ultimate aim is getting more fans for your fan page and profile page. Initially, you have to give power to your brand by increasing votes, likes count for your pages.

When you receive traffic from Google for your blog, you can share your fan page link on the blog. The readers may search to look more quality tutorials on your fan page on the particular topic and niche. You can even post contents on several popular blogs about your contest participation.

Some big brands use this strategy regularly for their contest promotion. As a marketing expert, you must have high recommendations from all the online mediums to give power to your brand. There are several reviews site owners are ready to write about your service on their blog for some fee. You should try these strategies to give brand power.

3. Advertising your blog online

Is really advertising help to get votes? The answer is YES! All you need to know is right directions to go to the right place. Advertise your blog on search engines like Google and Bing, media spaces on popular sites and social media.

At first, you have to land your advertisement viewers to the right page.  Don’t directly send the visitors to your voting entry page. To get proper results, you have to land the viewers to the high quality relevant content having page. From that page, you have to redirect them to give vote for your contest entry.

As said above, when you share great information through the content, the viewers will eagerly give their votes for your entry. When it comes to online advertising, you need to start with small budget at initial stage. Once you know the well working way and you can increase the budget as you wish to get all benefits from advertising.

4. Find Freelancer workers online

In the modern days, finding freelancers via online is handy. Just search on Google for virtual assistant and you can get list of sites. From that you can start your search to find the right freelancer. After you explain the work details, you can ask them to do samples. Some sites like freelancer dot com, clearly shows the profile to the freelancers. So it is easy to value the quality of the freelancer.

Some contests may hack with easy codes to get plenty of votes. So choosing the perfect security having contest is mandatory. Sites like fiverr dot com offers service from 5 USD. Do your own research to brand your contest entry to get lot of votes to win contest.

5. The special way for Genius people!

  • You can join for vote exchange forum to advertise your contest entry. Also you can list your contest entry for free for several days. ‘Voteforvote’ platform allows users to share their contest info to get free votes.
  • Do a search on Facebook for vote exchange groups. Join the groups to do vote for others and get votes back.
  • The above two ways may help you to win small and medium level competition having contests. To win massive prizes on any big contests, you can buy votes for your contest using contest vote service providers.
  • These providers cover all types of voting contests. So connect them and give your contest details and get estimation to win contest.

Try these all strategies and share your own methods which worked for you to win prizes in the comment section.



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