How Focus On the Family Has Decided to Use Anti-Marijuana Fear-Mongering to Get More Donations

You’ve probably heard of Focus on the Family, the group that uses your superstition about a magical fairy in the sky to get you to fork over your hard-earned dollars so they can build bigger mansions and nicer churches and fight the evil gays who are going to get married and somehow ruin society.

Yeah, that seems kind of harsh, but I really don’t care. Not after reading this propaganda piece by Jim Daly, the group’s President. I’ve rarely read so much unsubstantiated and unsourced horses**t in my life. Going line by line would take me 3 days and end up being about 10,000 words. I’m not going to waste that much of my precious time on this drivel, so we’ll hit some highlights.

The impetus for the piece was apparently a visit to the FOTF “campus” by a lawyer from Colorado named Stephanie Luck. Stephanie is such an accomplished lawyer and orator that a Google search of her name brings up absolutely no information. She made a presentation at the esteemed FOTF “campus” that covered six surprising ways that marijuana legalization is hurting your family. I know they certainly surprised me, since they are all completely made up.

“Medical marijuana is, for all intents and purposes, the standard form of marijuana,” Stephanie said. “It’s not medical in any sense of the word.”

This was surprising, especially considering that a Google search of studies about the “efficacy of medical marijuana” turns up about 358,000 results, enough reading to keep Stephaine from speaking at fake campuses for years to come.

What she means is that something can’t possibly be medicine unless it has undergone the rigorous testing at the Food and Drug Administration. Of course, at least 35 drugs approved by the FDA have later been recalled due to adverse health effects and FDA-approved drugs kill over 100,000 people every year, but they are the only authority on what is medicine.

And now, the list:

  • Some made up stats about how crime and the illegal drug trade are increasing with absolutely no sources to back them up; as if there could even be accurate stats on the “illegal drug trade.”
  • “Colorado may be facilitating sex trafficking around the world.” You see, marijuana businesses can’t put their cash in banks, so business have started their own “marijuana banking system,” which could allegedly be used by sex traffickers to launder money. I’m not sure what this “marijuana banking system” is other than some credit unions and piles of cash. I’m sure some of that cash, out in circulation, could eventually be used in sex slavery, but I fail to see how that is an argument against the regulation that comes with legalization.
  • Far from bringing in the predicted amount of tax revenue, marijuana legalization is causing an increase on the demand on public services. Again, no sources to back this up, because there are none.
  • Marijuana growers are causing you to pay more for your utilities. Did you know that “marijuana growers also consume as much power as 35,000 households?” Yes, one grow takes a much power as 35,000 houses!!!! SOME LIGHTS AND FANS TAKE AS MUCH POWER AS ALL THE ELECTRICITY TO 35,000 INDIVIDUAL HOMES!!!!! Let the enormity of this completely made-up statistic sink in for a moment.
  • Here we have some tripe about how the current system of shady drug dealers protects kids from the harms that will surely come if weed is sold in secure, legal and regulated shops. In fact, legalization and less teen use go hand-in-hand.
  • Legalization will cause more death and destruction on the roads, but I’ve already covered that one.

If this FOTF propaganda piece has one redeeming quality it’s that it shows that without lies, those against marijuana legalization have nothing. They have lost, and they know it. FOTF doesn’t care about your children or your safety, they care about milking you for donations while the prohibition ship sinks into the cold water.

The issue of marijuana legalization is not a debate, it is a war. If our side loses, many of us go to jail. These are real people with real lives who are fighting for the freedom of tens of millions while d-bags like Jim Daly and Stephanie Luck count their money.

We are winning the war and will continue to win until every last cannabis user is free. We have truth and logic and the ability to spread knowledge on our side. They have lies and they are afraid, as they should be.

The days of prohibition are numbered.

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