How Drivers Can Retain their Freedom on the Roads

More than 50,000 motorists are pulled over by police each day. Most of these are legitimate stops, but many aren’t. If you’re ever in this situation? By acting responsibly and being on top of the law, you can continue to enjoy the liberty afforded to you as a driver. Here’s how.

Don’t Drive Tired or Under the Influence

If you’re under the influence of any substance, then you’re not in control. If you’re not in control, you’re not free. The same goes for if you’re tired. Drink driving causes more than 10,000 deaths in the USA each year, while tiredness is linked to 800. Law-abiding and free citizens won’t drive if they’re not in the right condition.

This means that if the police ever pull you over, you can’t be accused of driving under the influence. As long as they’re obeying the law, you’ll be free to go on your way in no time. Being a free driver – just like being a free citizen, being a free driver starts with taking responsibility. Make sure you’re in a fit condition to drive every time you get into your car.

Ask If You’re Free to Go

Cops will often pull cars over without a good reason, hoping to find something once they start interrogating the driver. However, they don’t have a right to detain you in most cases. So, if you don’t feel comfortable answering any questions and want to get on with your day, then just ask a simple question: “Am I free to go?”.

If a law enforcement officer has no right to detain you, then they can’t stop you from leaving. So be polite but enforce your liberty to continue on your way. This is one of the most useful tools free citizens have, whether on foot or in a vehicle.

Know Your Rights as a Driver

Laws vary significantly state by state, and ignorance is no excuse for breaking them. Therefore, the best way to avoid legal troubles and remain free is to know your rights. For example, you should know the rules in force whenever driving and stick to them. You should also know when a police officer is being dishonest.

Many road users aren’t comfortable understanding all the legal jargon on their own. That’s why you should find a locally-based lawyer to help out. For example, seek a Riverside Lemon Law attorney to learn all about Lemon Law in Riverside. Your attorney can explain any concepts you don’t understand. Call them as soon as you get pulled over.

Driving is one of the greatest liberties of our age. However, sometimes it can feel like you’re not free as a driver. Follow the advice above to ensure you always stay on the right side of the law and don’t have your freedom taken away from you. If in doubt, always have an attorney on hand who has specialist knowledge of driving law.


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