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By Amber Randall

A 19-year-old man in Oklahoma gunned down three potential robbers Monday afternoon when they tried to break into his family’s home.

Wagoner County sheriff’s deputies went to the house and found one person dead in the driveway and two other people dead in the kitchen, reports the New York Post.

The two residents of the house were unscathed.

The group of suspects, wearing all black clothing, broke into the house by way of a glass door in the back of the home, according to the sheriff’s spokesman, Deputy Nick Mahoney.

The homeowner’s son maintained he woke up when heard “loud bangs” downstairs. He quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed his AR-15 to protect himself, he told police.

When he went downstairs he exchanged a few words with the would-be robbers before shooting them down. Two of them died in the kitchen, while another crawled to the driveway before dying as well.

“The shots were so loud — loud enough that I ran to the window to see what had happened,” said the neighbor, who lives two doors away from the house. “Something in me knew it was gunshots, but I didn’t know what had happened until I went to leave my house and saw all the police officers.”

Police said they found a knife on a body of one of the robbers and brass knuckles on another one.

The homeowner and his son gave formal statements to the police. Mahoney said the shooting seems to be in self-defense. Police will investigate the case to be certain, Mahoney added.

Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez confessed to police that she was the getaway driver for the potential crime later that afternoon. Rodriguez allegedly admitted that she dropped off the group and planned to return to pick them up.

Police arrested her and charged her with three complaints of first-degree murder and three complaints of first-degree burglary.

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