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A Family that Shoots Together, Stays Together


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WINTER HAVEN, Florida – When a stranger tried to break into the Pena family home, the Penas were ready for him.

“If this guy would’ve stayed home, he’d have been alive right now,” a neighbor told Fox 13 Orlando.

Early Monday morning, the Penas woke to the sound of 40-year-old Mitchell Large trying to break into their Winter Haven home through a porch door. Undeterred by a warning shot, Large burst into the kitchen.

There, three family members – a father, a mother, and their son – were waiting for Large. All three of them were armed.

The family then opened fire on the intruder. “It appears at least two of the family members fired in defense of themselves and their property,” said Police Chief Gary Hester.

A fourth family member, the Penas’ 20-year-old daughter, was also in the home but did not witness the shooting. Investigators say that, while Large does not appear to have been armed, the Penas had every right to defend themselves.

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  • Evan Farley

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  • Leftus Maximus II

    Wow, they sound like terrible shots. They did more damage to their kitchen than they did to the invader.

    • Even the police and soldiers, who supposedly train regularly with their firearms, are statistically terrible shots when they are under stress. Fear screws with your aim…that’s why our ‘magazines’ have more than one bullet in them. And who cares about having to patch a few holes in your kitchen when the home invader clearly wasn’t deterred by a warning shot…and therefore was likely going to rape, torture, kill and rob the occupants?

    • CJ IsDa Shiznit

      he’s dead you tool.

      • RhetoricalQuestion

        I applaud your conciseness.

        • Guest

          was he more important than the family?

    • SmokeyBehr

      The intruder is dead and the family and kitchen are alive. Sounds like another righteous self-defense shooting.

    • Josef Roesler

      How many moving criminals have you killed with one shot? And where did it say they shot the kitchen up other than the one warning shot?

  • CJ IsDa Shiznit

    hahaha dats right [email protected]!

  • NorCalSister

    Good thing it was not a black man. Al sharpton and MSNBC would be calling the home owners racist. The streets would have marches against the home owner.

    • $85210002

      Black people finding their way into a story they have nothing to do with.

    • Keyser Soze

      Damn, when will white parents start teaching their children not to steal? Its a shame to keep seeing all this white on white crime ;-(

    • Scott

      And it would have been another one of those white Hispanics.

  • doug_w

    People don’t just decide to start breaking into houses at age 40. I’d bet anything this dirtbag had a long history of criminal activity. The Penas undoubtedly spared others from being victimized by him in the future. He got exactly what he deserved.

    • Burak Özdemir

      you piece of shit, dont you have any respect for human life at all? Yes everyone has the right to defend themselves, but i bet he had his reasons but that doesnt mean he deserves death for it. It would be the same as putting someone under the death sentence because he broke in somewhere. thats sick. You americans disgust me, you keep complaining about your cops beeing too brutal but you yourselfs are exactly the same.

      • pslinger

        Typical liberal moron. GFY

        • Brandon C.

          Why the naive slander here? Even most liberals wouldn’t oppose the family’s actions. After all, they supposedly fired a warning shot. If true, I could only imagine pacifists opposing such actions. Don’t be so foolish in dealing out labels next time you comment.

      • nruttfel

        precisely. they don’t want to get rid of cops, they want to BE the cops!

        • Jason Smith

          I will not patrol my neighborhood. I will not seek out young exuberance to quell. I promise my neighbors that I will observe good target alignment (so as to decrease the chance of friendly fire). The only policing I will do is on my own property. I will be better than any cop. I will be there when the bad guy comes. His feet brought him and if he is lucky, his feet can carry him on his way. If he tries to harm my family, all bets are off. Then the cops can notify his next of kin………..

      • Dietrick

        The one place on this planet people should feel safe is in their home. Our laws have evolved such that the home is our sanctuary and there are stiff penalties for violating it. There was no way for these people to know what the intruder intended, whether he was armed, or how much of a threat he actually posed. It wasn’t up to them to find out. If he didn’t want to die, he shouldn’t have broken into somebody’s castle in the wee hours. It’s pretty simple actually. Why do you feel in this situation, the intruder gets the benefit of the doubt?

      • ACC

        He still kept going after the warning shot… So he deserved it.

      • beverly88keys

        Well, Mr. Ozdemir, it appears that you are a “bleeding-heart liberal” who thinks that it’s alright to blatantly victimize innocent people. What would you have these people do? Should they have invited him on in, poured a cup of coffee, and then attempted to determine whether or not he was there to steal, kill, or pillage their family? After a warning shot, don’t you think that anyone who has half of a brain would have headed in the other direction? It’s not like they surprised him or something! They were there–3 of them, and the HAD let him know they were armed and what to expect! It’s too bad that he was stupid enough to continue on his chosen path. Perhaps he should have broken into YOUR house instead!

      • Sheri

        Yes, I’m sure “he had his reasons” for breaking into someone’s home in the middle of the night. Those reasons likely included theft, murder, rape…… I am sure of one thing, he wasn’t there to invite them to church!

      • Earl Needham

        @Burak Ozdemir GFY. You want to make a comment, come over here and become a citizen. Until then, you haven’t earned any right to have any say in our country’s affairs.

        • Burak Özdemir

          so people have to be citizens of america now to criticize anything that happens there? i dont think so.

      • @B. Ozdemir the scumbag. Yeah, that’s what you are to take the side of a criminal. Respect for human life? So a guy hellbent on raping and stealing deserves “respect” in your eyes? You are a P.O.S. douchebag. Crawl back under the rock you came from.

      • jp-opinion

        “you piece of shit” <- Lol this called respect? Referring to a human being as a "piece of shit"? You have respect for your fellow human, but they are just a "piece of shit" to you? I am just wondering if you would consider someone breaking into your house with the possible intent to harm or even willingness to kill you, a "piece of shit"? or do you reserve that title for people who are scared for their lives?

      • Jhonnypatriot

        and then Ignorant fools like you are RESPONSIBLE for criminals becoming worse .. you want to slap them on the wrist be cause “they were a good person”..just trying to steal what didn’t belong to them .. if he were a good person he shouldn’t have been in their home ..I’m glad he is dead …Criminals only get MORE violent over time …what happens if the next home he broke into had a unarmed mother and small child ? think he would have left them unharmed ? …people like YOU are whats wrong in this world …you don’t want shot and killed ? DON’T BREAK THE LAW …plain and simple

      • shooter2009

        In this country, civilians don’t “shoot to kill.”

        We shoot and can use deadly force to stop illegal action if that action presents a belief of serious bodily harm or death.

        If someone breaks into your house, you can reasonably believe they are there to hurt or kill you…you’re not legally obligated to wait until they do inflict serious bodily harm or try to kill you before you can take defensive action.

        If the idiot dies as a result, it’s an unfortunate event, but we didn’t intend to kill them.

        Now…please apologize to doug_w for calling him a piece of shit because you’re ignorant.

        Thank you.

      • Gage Bozek

        If a man breaks into your house and tries to stab you, do you think he who respect for your life? No. So why are you so concerned about respecting the lives of people who choose to terrorize and victimize others? Just because someone is a human, doesnt mean they live a life worth respecting. He made his choices. He ignored a warning shot. Hes dead and if you want to cry your liberal tears about it, go right ahead because no one else cares.

      • Laron Woods

        Did the assailant have respect for human life? We as Americans have (by Constitutional law) the right do defend ourselves! If someone (the assailant) wants to challenge that, then he deserves do die. Period. He would possibly given the family the death sentence. They didn’t know at the time he wasn’t armed. Do they deserve the death sentence just because a burglar wants to break in? Did you think of that? You people who don’t understand American Constitutional rights make me disgusted.

      • Burak Özdemir

        I didnt say that he didnt do anzthing wrong, of course its a criminal act. But killing someone shouldnt be taken so easily. Srsly everztime an american cop kills someone you people go on about why they didnt simply shoot them in the leg or somewhere else. I dont think they had to kill him, especially not with that many people pointing guns at him. What pisses me of is that most of zou guys said he deserved death, but you guys dont even know the guy. When i said that he must have had his reasons i meant that he must have had reasons as to whz he became a criminal. Sorry for the piece of shit though, im just done with people taking humans lifes so lightly, like / just killing someone is the solution to every problem in the world. Protecting your family is one thing, but destroying another persons life and those of the people who may have loved that idiot is another thing. He deserved to go into jail, but not 6 feet under the ground.

        BTW to all the idiots, liberals or whatever, who cares bout that shit im neither a liberal nor a democrat. not a pacifist either. Its just my opinion that a life that could have been granted a second chance was taken there.

  • Josef Roesler

    The news man is obviously anti gun. “Grab their guns and go after this person.” Nobody went after anyone, they stood their ground and defended themselves. And his reaction when he heard there was no connection to the family by the criminal… He just didn’t want this to be a good shooting. What a shitbag.

  • RhetoricalQuestion

    Wait wait wait wait. Why were only TWO of the homeowners/residents considered as in defense of themselves and property? This story needs more details.

    • Keyser Soze

      Maybe the third person shot him after he was already dead?

      • RhetoricalQuestion

        That’s a good point. I didn’t think of it. I was just hoping the police weren’t trying to fabricate the situation whereas that third member would be charged with a crime.

    • Jason Smith

      While three of adults were armed, only two actually fired. The story, like so many others, has been sensationalized. I rooted at the headline, understood the hail of gunfire that met the perp and was glad that the good guys were safe. Still a good story……………..

    • beverly88keys

      I wondered that as well. I’m thinking possibly one of them fired the warning shot…or perhaps they were only referring to the two adults. I would truly like to know that as well.

  • Ron Chee

    Hah, penas.

  • Robert C Beals


    • cc2519897

      What is “Nigger Haven”? Large was white, so what does that have to do with this story?

  • Conservative Joe

    The warning shot should have told this dirt bag they weren’t playing games. This guy played in the wrong playground. Got what he deserved. I don’t think it would have made a difference if he were black or white, it was clear this guy was troubled.

  • Rick Kincaid

    The anchor is a dickhead! He says, “What motivated the family to go after this man?” The reporter says that the man came after the family.

    • C.L Edwards

      Maybe the motivation was him invading their house?

  • DiskusSux

    I’m sure the communist lawyers will find SOMETHING to charge the family with, or will sue them into bankruptcy.

    We should be shooting the lawyers too.

  • pslinger

    Buh-bye scumbag!

  • Manfrom Modesto

    Everyone wishes it had gone differently. Mr. Large certainly does. I’m sure the Pena family wishes there had been better influence in Large’s life and they had never met.
    But, we certainly can’t fault the Pena family. And, there is no point in belittling Large.
    What we can take away is that firearms protected an innocent family. What people assume is too much. We don’t know his intention in breaking in: theft is assumed. How do you know it wasn’t murder, rape, or both or worse? That does happen. There was a string of it in Central California a few years ago- NOT reported in news- until the 7th family were armed and killed the gang who were raping families, males and females all.

  • Jhonnypatriot

    Good, one less scumbag to steal and harm others AND we don’t have to pay millions babysitting him at the greybar inn

  • C.

    i understand self defense and all, but really? after the first bullet hit him he wasnt incapacitated?

    it seems sorta overkill dont you think?