With Marijuana Legal In Colorado, Crime Starts Dropping (PODCAST)

Remember when people thought that legalizing marijuana in Colorado meant there would be chaos in the streets? Douglas County Sheriff David Weaver said “There will be many harmful consequences. Expect more crime, more kids using marijuana, and pot for sale everywhere.” But despite that dire warning, for the last three months, crime has been on the decline.

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And that’s not all. Not only has property crime and violent crime begin to fall, but the Mexican drug cartels are taking a hit as well. The price of marijuana has plummeted from $100 a kilo to $25. Unfortunately that means that Mexican drug farmers are switching from growing pot to growing poppies to make heroin. Guess it’s time to legalize heroin to put these guys out of business?

Has all of this made Washington D.C. learn their lesson? Hell no! In fact, the Drug Enforcement Agency director Michele Leonhart recently chastised President Barack Obama privately for comparing marijuana to alcohol and has stated that pot legalization “makes us fight harder.” That makes sense though if your job is to bust people for drugs. Big government will do anything they can, including put non violent people in prison for decades if it means that at the end of their careers they get to collect a paycheck at the taxpayer’s expense.

But that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and take it! All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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