Hypocrite OkCupid CEO Also Donated to Anti-Gay Campaign

Yagan made a $500 donation to a congressman who supported a national ban on same-sex marriage.


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OkCupid recently spearheaded the campaign against Brendan Eich’s hiring as Mozilla’s CEO. OkCupid’s online protest, sparked by a $1000 donation that Eich had made to Proposition 8 several years ago, devolved into a cultural witch hunt that cost Eich his job.

After Eich’s resignation, OkCupid released a statement saying that they were pleased with the results of their boycott.

On Twitter, OkCupid’s CEO, Sam Yagan, has also continued to express satisfaction with the protest.

Yet, like Eich, Yagan also donated to an anti-gay campaign several years ago. Yagan gave $500 to Rep. Chris Cannon, a Utah representative who fought for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Notably, while Proposition 8 affected only California, Yagan’s $500 went to a congressman who voted to proscribe equality under the law throughout the entire country.

Uncrunched, who broke the story, made an incisive point about Yagan’s actions. “Is it absurd to judge Yagan as a person based on a single donation, years ago, to a politician well known for waging war on gays? Yup. But that is precisely what Yagan and OkCupid did to Eich.

“In this new reality, supported by Yagan, it is both acceptable and a moral imperative to judge people based on their prior political donations, even those made years and years ago.”

It warrants mentioning that, at the time of Eich’s donation, opposition to equality under the law for same-sex and heterosexual couples was also the stated position of Barack Obama.

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