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What Happens When Guys Steal Vs. When Girls Steal From Homeless? (VIDEO)

They’re calling it the “pussy pass,” basically it’s a phrase that’s being tossed around on the Internet to describe a situation where women get lenient treatment compared to their male counterparts for whatever behavior is being studied. In the video below, “Model Pranksters” sets up a situation where they video tape reactions of people on the street to seeing a male and female actor steal money from a homeless man on the street. The differing reactions might surprise you, or not, depending on how aware you are of societal double standards.

The Libertarian Republic has been reporting on some of these double standards before. We documented another social experiment involving domestic abuse, where a female and male actor are the subjects of violence in a public place. The crowds respond quickly to the woman being abused, but simply laugh when it happens to a man.

Why do you think society has these double standards? Leave your comments below.

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