Glenn Beck Says He’d Leave America If There Was Something Better

Conservative political commentator and founder of Blaze Media Glenn Beck announced he’d give up his U.S. citizenship if there was anything better in a passionate monologue about Cubans trying to immigrate to America and the Leftist hypocrisy on his radio show last Monday.

Beck described the perilous journey of an unnamed 23-year-old Cuban mechanic who braved the trip from Cuba to the U.S. to escape Communism twice, only to be deported and back on Cuban soil four days after risking life and limb trying to make it to America.

“I want you to think about that; how hard is it for you to leave your friends, your family, and your job for something that you know. You’re moving to Denver; you’re moving someplace else. Think about the pressure that is on you, think about the butterflies that you have in your stomach. About finding new doctors, a new school for your kids, a new job, new friends. I don’t want to leave my friends—my family is all here. Now imagine you’re going to a place where you can never go back. You’re not going to see your parents and your friends,” Beck told his listeners.

Glenn called out the Biden administration and the Left for allowing immigrants to flood the country with no discrimination while refusing to allow Cubans in the country who are attempting to flee the country’s Communist regime.

He quoted the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, saying that he understood its true meaning. Beck suggested that one day Leftists might claim the monument was a symbol of hate.

Beck also called on Republicans to fly to Miami and to invite Democrats to come along to stand arm-in-arm with the Cuban people who love America.

“This might piss a bunch of people off, but what do I have to lose? I’d leave this country in a heartbeat. I’d renounce my citizenship in a heartbeat. I’d take down my American flag in a heartbeat. If you could come up with something better. If you had someplace or something, some idea that had a better mission statement than the Declaration of Independence and you had a better Constitution than this one, and you had people who were like our pilgrims and many of our founders— they were in it for people and freedom. I’d go, but so far that offer hasn’t come up.” Glenn said Monday.

Listen to Glenn’s full monologue here below:

Image: Gage Skidmore

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