Glenn Beck Defends Gavin McInnes

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Glenn Beck defended Gavin McInnes on his radio and television show today on Blaze Media. The Libertarian Republic previously reported that Blaze Media was parting ways with McInnes due to a tweet that was made Saturday evening stating that Blaze Media no longer had a relationship with Gavin McIness. Glenn Beck took the opportunity to clarify the situation on his show today and fully defended McIness as a friend.

Before specifically addressing the McIness issue, Beck addressed how the media will destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view. He talked about how the only thing that matters is standing for the Bill of Rights and how it is a safeguard of individual liberty. Beck said quote, “There’s only one thing that matters to me, really deeply matters. That is the Bill of Rights, it is the only thing that brought us together and hold us together. We should be looking at enforcing and empowering people with the Bill of Rights.”

Glenn’s monologue addressed how the only time it matters when defending someone’s rights is when they say things you don’t agree with. He went on to talk about how the media will smear or edit people to destroy the lives and careers of anyone they disagree with. He went on to talk about McInnes no longer working for Blaze Media saying quote, “CRTV, not The Blaze Media, not Glenn Beck, I had nothing to do with it. This was an old thing that CRTV was dealing with…I think I don’t know, it’s up to them. I had nothing to do with it and it’s certainly not the way I would’ve handled it, but he is out.”

Beck went on to say, “Last week I just spoke to Gavin, in fact, he is on my show tonight in something we recorded last week about the dangers of getting fired, the dangers of being witch hunted. Now, why if I had something to do with his termination would I have him scheduled? And that program is airing today. I don’t care who it makes uncomfortable, because it’s something important we should be talking about!” He said that he went on to advise Gavin to reach out to private security friends of his because they had bigger threats than just bricks through windows.

Beck continued that those who seek to destroy us will do whatever they can to do so saying, “Whatever you think of this Heisman trophy winner or Gavin McIness, I don’t know him, but I know a lot of people who do and they all say the same thing, I may not agree with his approach but he is not what ANTIFA needs him to be, and notice that I use the word NEEDS him to be. Because people who wish to destroy us, they need boogie men. They need those men who have said or done things in the past that you’re not going to like, you’re not going to want to defend and so you won’t.”

It was just announced today that Youtube has banned McInnes as well.

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