Getting Help and Finding a Rehab 


Many people who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction avoid addressing rehab because of the conventional image of scary neglected buildings and cruel methods of treatment. At the same time, sufferers do not want to feel miserable and abandoned. All these ideas are not definitely about Serenity Addiction Centres. The clinic views addiction as an illness, not a doom. A professional team of dedicated specialists provides drug and alcohol detox services. Having a complicated decision to make, visit our alcohol rehab in London, and your life will be changed forever.

What Is Special About Serenity Addiction Centres? 

There are many famous clinics in London that help people to overcome their bad habits successfully. Being a large metropolitan area, the city has really a wide range of options to offer. Besides, looking for a centre outside London, you can contact our rehab in Glasgow as well. So, regardless of the place you want to be cured at, experienced staff will enable you to pave the way to a better, sober life. We offer: 

  • convenient transport links 
  • reasonable prices 
  • highly qualified doctors and nurses 
  • world-class therapies 
  • sessions in groups 
  • obligatory record to track the success 
  • outpatient and inpatient programmes 
  • individual approach to every patient 
  • 1-year aftercare 

What Kinds of Illnesses Are Medicated? 

The Serenity Addiction Centres understand that in most cases, substance abuse is followed by a number of mental issues. To implement complex treatment and fully tackle the problem, many of our specialists have training for kinds of eating disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, self-harm, panic attacks, and even gambling addiction. It is crucial to fight with attached conditions to eliminate the desire to return to the same state. 

Recovering is a hard but important period. We are sure that a safe and effective programme will facilitate your adjusting to being sober.   

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