Are Gays Unwelcome In The GOP? Ft. Jimmy LaSalvia (PODCAST)

Jimmy-LaSalviaCoFounder of GOProud Jimmy LaSalvia joins the Freedom Report to discuss his recent flight from the GOP. After a hard fought battle to make the Republican Party more friendly to the gay community, LaSalvia called it quits and is now calling himself an Independent. Is it time for other members of the gay community to follow suit?

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LaSalvia says that people who demonize homosexuality in the GOP are putting the party outside the mainstream. He even endorsed Robert Sarvis over Ken Cuccinnelli in the Virginia race for governor due to Cuccinnelli’s position on anti-sodomy laws.

Also, why does LaSalvia praise Dick Cheney and what does he think of Senator Rand Paul?

All that and more on the Freedom Report podcast!

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