Future Gaming Trends: Predicting The Next Era Of Games

The video gaming industry is an ever-changing industry and the developers have to keep in touch with the latest trends to stay competitive in the market. From VR gaming to AR gaming, 2019 has been a roller coaster ride for innovative gaming trends. Although the future is uncertain, we can extrapolate future events that will change the gaming landscape in the coming years. Let us look at what future gaming might look like.

Brain-computer interface

If you have ever seen the Matrix movie, you must be already familiar with the scene where Neo transported himself into another reality through a connector port in their head. This might not be science fiction in the near future. Granted that a port through the back of your head is not what gamers need, but the technology associated with VR might be able to do that – possibly even cooler. Imagine betting on casino games like the ones found at Monster Casino in a virtual Vegas casino from the comfort of your sofa! In the future, you might be able to communicate with other players in the same virtual space just by thinking. That would be cool, right? Elon Musk has recently invested a lot of money on a company called Neuralink that plans on developing better approaches to bridge our mind with AI. The technology is still at its nascent stage. Let’s hope this technology takes off.

Better Augmented Reality

You might have known about Pokemon: Go. It was a huge phenomenon two years back. Even Apple has shown a lot of interest in this technology, According to CEO, Tim Cook Augmented reality is as big as smartphone sand introduced the ARkit at the WWDC Apple event. 

Today, Augmented Reality is heavily researched by mobile developers. Most of the mobile phone cameras nowadays support Augmented Reality. 

Better graphics

3D films have existed for 100 years now, but they failed to get popularity due to their high cost of operations. Since the release of James Cameron’s Avatar, this notion has been rendered wrong.

The future gaming devices will have faster processors and graphical power as per the recent trends. Research about Microsoft Scarlett – the next-gen future gaming console is expected to release within the coming two years. The specs are pretty insane!


Esports is still relatively in its early stages of development and is expected to be a huge phenomenon in the coming years. Although it is perceived that esports caters to the younger demographics, surveys have shown that it applies to older individuals as well. With popular game titles like Hearthstone, Overwatch, DOTA and League of Legends making its appearance in the popular streaming service, Twitch which is a competitive level gaming sport is expected to draw huge crowds in the future.


Virtual Reality

Although virtual reality has not reached its true popularity yet, game developers are not giving on this technology just yet. With prominent vendors such as Oculus Rift, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC and Sony pushing this technology forward, it is very likely that people will adopt this technology in the coming years. In the future, gamers will be able to chat with their friend’s avatar in a virtual reality space through the help of VR headsets. Imagine getting into the shoes of Batman and roaming around the city fighting criminals – well, you can have that experience now. With faster processors, better mapping technology and graphical power, this technology will develop significantly. 


In 2019, we saw a slew of huge companies like Google, Microsoft and Sony backing up on gaming as a service model. With the launch of Google stadia, Google has shown that it is serious about getting into a competitive business with Microsft and NVIDIA. Microsft has shown its version of cloud-based gaming service as well. In the future, gamers won’t have to buy individual gaming titles. They could easily do that through subscription services that operators will offer them to access a bundle of gaming titles. In the future, this gaming model will become common.

Mobile gaming 

Last year, video gaming grossed a global revenue of $2.2billion dollars with mobile gaming contributing significantly. What’s more, with the popularity of gaming titles like PUBG and Pokemon Go, it is very evident that gamers prefer accessing games on the go at their own preferred time and place. Even the prominent gaming vendor, Nintendo has ditched its physical consoles for a more versatile device named Switch. With more and more users getting access to smartphones as well as faster mobile processors, future mobile gamers will contribute a lot to the gaming community. 




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