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Fox News Doctor Says Its Okay For Men To Hit Girls Because Of Equality Movement

By: Laura Meyers

This week, a video surfaced of a 19-year-old star quarterback from Florida State University returning a punch to a girl at bar who instigated the fight and started it by throwing the first punch to his face.

When discussing the video, Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow suggests that if woman want to be respected as true equals in things such as co-ed sports, like wrestling, and in everyday interactions, then the idea of not hitting girls because they’re a girl is an “antiquated notion.”

“Listen if you’re saying that it’s just fine to flip a girl onto her back in a wrestling match, and pin her to the ground and take some joy in that — well then I guess if you’re in a bar and she slaps you, you punch her in the face. Not in Ablow’s world, because you’d never be wrestling her to begin with,” Ablow said.

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