Five Liberties Up For Grabs in the 2020 Presidential Election

Many a decade has been spent in the wake of the executive changes of the second Roosevelt presidency, watching executive office hopefuls sell off the rights of their fellow Americans in the name of power in public office.

This year is no different. As we see two powerhouses of state control exercise their arguments, a tally begins to grow of what’s at stake in the coming electoral cycle. The following is a list of wagers ante’d up by our sitting president and the currently presumed Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

Number 1: Gun rights as we know them

This has surprisingly been a rough couple years for gun owners. The Trump administration quickly painted itself into a corner against the more observant #2A activists, with more gun owners prosecuted under Trump’s term than previous years, not to mention the infamous bump stock ban he himself rubber-stamped down American’s throats.

There are few Republican presidents in recent history with such a contentious control on firearms. Even Reagan’s state-level institution of controls pales in comparison to Trump’s actions. And Joe Biden isn’t any better on the situation, with countless recent examples of him taking a hard-line regulatory stance on firearms as public outcry continues to deafen the DNC on the issue. To Biden, vague language like “taking weapons of war off our streets” should suffice as reason to rescind access to arms used in the peaceful daily lives of countless Americans.

Number 2: I hope you didn’t plan to keep your doctor…

Further elaborating on Joe’s particulars is his war on your pick of doctors. Aptly, this segment is titled after the old adage of “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” espoused in the ancient days of the Obamacare omnibus dilemma. This archaic debate once saw action under Biden’s time as vice president, as a leader of his party and as a proponent of the Affordable Care Act. Naturally, when this phrase’s message fell through, Mr. Biden faced scrutiny for mealy mouthed marketing there were no political repercussions. Take warning, however, that this behavior is hardly past the DNC. So long as you have this establishment control selectively distributing our rights, even the most ardent pro-provision stance taker should be wary of any public healthcare offers from those in power. As Joe Biden now makes the claim to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to every American, take heed of the steel trap housing Joe’s cheesy offer.

Number 3: Education at risk, the weather at 11

Many parents are currently learning in the midst of the pandemic shutdown that education isn’t easy. But with that revelation comes insight into the process of teaching and with it the difficulty of finding the best way for their children to learn. That won’t stop people from telling them how to teach their children better, since after all, nobody knows your child better than some faceless bureaucrat – especially when they see them at your local public school. Of course, you won’t find the children of those people in your school. Joe Biden certainly didn’t send his son Hunter to any publicly funded school districts (nor did he attend one himself). According to progressive-leaning moral busybodies, ideally the answer is that for regular (lower income) people, choice needs to be rescinded, that a free market choice is too much for the normal American parent, and that only a select few need a special, exclusive education (or even a choice in the matter). Not even Trump has made an effort in his time to actively provide “real” school choice, but at the very least he isn’t trying to make America’s children march to the beat of the state’s pied piper.

Number 4: You can have a voice, just don’t make it too loud

Free speech is under fire, surprising nobody who has visited a college campus in the last five years. However, there really is one candidate in this election that has and continues to take an aggressively pro free speech platform – and that is Donald Trump. That being said, he’s hardly keeping to it as his administration works to draft regulations against social media companies.

Meanwhile, instead of taking charge and adopting a truly pro-First Amendment platform against Trump’s more selective definition of the concept, Biden’s decision was to take this opportunity and torch it completely. In fact, his stance is to regulate speech even further, with a push against “money in politics” in an attempt to hush voices he thinks ought not be heard in Washington. The groups which work to fund Joe’s own party in the electoral competition are instead pushing against it for no other reason than a partisan political definition of what constitutes “speech”. As a result, we Americans get to see a tug of war over one of the most fundamental rights outlined in the Constitution.

Number 5: Property rights, they’re so 2nd millennium

Between Trump’s continued stance on #BuildTheWall and Biden’s “affordable housing” regulatory overhaul plans, your property rights have never been flimsier in this country. Neither candidate is particularly big on protecting the notion that you have a right to own that which you earn by the sweat of your brow. No, in fact, more than ever the government is trying to tell you what property is truly yours and what can be done with it, especially with the rise of tariffs once again in the national political diaspora.

Tariffs are a prime example of Americans being informed that their property must serve a specific purpose over that which is ordained by the owner; that you must sell and buy goods at a premium arbitrarily set by a line on a piece of paper. The major principle which John Locke found to be a key facet of liberal theory has instead been cast aside for ineffective economic controls on goods and services, from cars to houses.

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