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Pastor Steven L. Anderson‘s sermon that he wished for Barack Obama to die and go to hell earned him a visit from the Secret Service, but that apparently hasn’t stopped him from preaching his latest message of hate, and it’s directed at women overall.

Pastor Anderson is famous for an anti-Obama rant he gave in 2009 which earned him a visit from the Secret Service. The Baptist preacher claims that he wishes for Obama’s death every day because he “hates” him and has said “I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today.”

The Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona resides in a strip mall and is reportedly sparsely attended.

The recent death of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps has left a void for the hate community that could be filled by someone like Pastor Anderson.

Anderson is famous for his rants that describe gays as “sodomites” who “recruit through rape” and “molestation.” He believes that homosexuals should be killed and has said: “The biggest hypocrite in the world is the person who believes in the death penalty for murderers but not for homosexuals” as well as “I do hate homosexuals and if hating homosexuals makes our church a hate group then that’s what we are.”

His most recent rants that are drawing attention have to do with the issues of whether or not women should speak in church, or say Amen.

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  • Catroast DuJour

    Except that heterosexuals are 30x more likely to molest children than gays. Whoops! Did science and statistics cloud your angry rant?

    • Guest

      Cuz Heterosexuals are the majority. Idiot.

      • Brown Bear Billy

        That logic doesn’t work because black people are more likely to be incarcerated for drugs.

    • rudeawakeningxxx

      Because heterosexuals are the majority.

  • Tracy A. Goode

    What an arrogant ass.

  • Scumbags hiding behind a book of fairy tales to disguise hate. In other news the sky is blue

  • Guest

    Just like an Imam declaring a Fatwah

  • Lucifer666

    It is May 11, 2014 year of our lord and America, s first dictators war on our country is moving at a rapid pace, every week brings one scandal worse than the other as the mainstream runs interference for the rouge administration refusing to report anything.As I write tens of thousands of illegal immigrants ( mostly children ) are overwhelming the southern border in a scene more reminicent of an African nation while its citizens flee from machete swinginging lunatics chopping the heads off children.In the coming months the growing constitutional crisis will erode even more , America will cease to excist as we know it if The self imposed dictator Barak Hussein Obama is not removed ftom office?