Feminists Want New PC Version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

PC culture strikes again, this time in calling for the banning or censorship of a holiday song classic, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” The song which depicts two mature adults getting romantic has been derided as perpetuating rape culture. Now feminists are calling for the song to be ditched or rewritten in a politically correct, “feminist approved” fashion.

The Washington Post writes:

The lyrics haven’t changed; the female role in the duet has always been singing “the answer is no” as the man pressures her to stay. But society’s evolving views on the prevalence of rape, especially between non-strangers, has pushed criticism of a Christmas classic into the mainstream.

Of course, modern attitudes also miss a key component of the song. It was written at a time when women were encouraged to play hard to get and when social attitudes pressured women not to follow their urges. So the female’s hesitance at first is a means of depicting that she isn’t quick to jump into bed with someone. Also it is quite clear she is interested in the man or she would simply leave. He pleads with her to stay but does not force her.

The writer complains that stores like Macy’s shouldn’t play this offensive holiday classic in their stores.

[H]ow much longer will a place like Macy’s want to play it as you shop for holiday sweaters?

Perhaps they could switch to this “feminist-approved” version of the tune, recorded for YouTube last year.

Breitbart responds:

First off, let’s address the anti-science portion of Contrera’s factually-challenged complaints:

  1. “Say what’s in this drink” is alcohol. Facts matter.

  2. The song does not end with the woman giving in or being gang tackled by frat boys invented by “Rolling Stone.” In fact, it ends with the man pleading over and over, “Oh, baby, it’s cold outside,” which you would think is something a feminist would applaud.

  3. The person with all the power in the song is The Woman.

  4. This is a seduction between two mature adults. She’s on the fence, and obviously wants to know how much the man desires her, and he’s communicating that desire while at the same time opening himself up for a serious humiliation. Again, she has all the power in this scenario.

  5. This is why, just as soon as they can, men are going to be having all their sex with robots who look like Angie Dickinson.

  6. Contrera is also a liar (of omission). Below is the charming “Neptune’s Daughter”clip Contrera references, the very movie she blames for popularizing this dangerous song. See if you can guess what Contrera did not tell her readers:

You guessed correct! Nowhere does Contrera inform her readers that the very movie that popularized the song also includes a version where Betty Garrett uses the song to seduce Red Skelton! Yes, the song is gender-neutral — Bruce or Caitlyn can assume the role of the seducer-uctress-gressive-vite.

It is easy to laugh off Jessica Contrera and The Washington Post and The New York Post, but there is a very real agenda here. First off, look at what’s under attack. Our current culture overflows with nihilistic, destructive filth, but it’s the classics, the legitimate art, the legitimate beauty,  that the left-wing fascists want banned.

Breitbart is spot on and their critique illustrates the utter ridiculousness of this PC culture and how there is literally no end to what it can be applied to.

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