Elon Musk Nuts To Photos Of Mars On Twitter

Mars may be a cold and lonely planet, but things appear to be heating up with some hot romance. A very risque Twitter exchange between the planet Mars and Space-X founder Elon Musk unfolded on Twitter.

The exchange began when Twitter user @laineyjanelle tweeted that she wanted to move to Mars because there are no men there. The original tweet has since been deleted (likely due to a tremendous amount of notifications).

Mars quoted her tweet, soundly rejecting her as the 4th planet from the sun seemingly has eyes for a man, particularly Elon Musk.

The rest of the exchange remains on Twitter.

Musk’s tweet “Thank goodness it’s not November” references No Nut November, a challenge in place of No Shave November (a prostate cancer awareness campaign). Men who cannot grow full facial hair can instead participate by not ejaculating for the entire month of November.

Musk’s name became attached to the challenge when a meme in the form of a doctored Tweet from Musk went viral, stating anyone who failed No Nut November would be launched onto Mars with no suit.

Musk appears to have embraced the meme, stating since it is not November he is in the clear to ejaculate to the photo of Mars.

I now leave you all to your imaginations. You’re welcome.

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