Easy Steps To Create Cheap Custom Shirts

Do you need a few cheap tshirts? If you are part of a team or a graduation class or group of people with similar tastes, there has never been a better time to create your own personalized t-shirts. That’s right, not only is it easy to do, but you can design them yourself. All you need is an idea for what message you plan on printing on your custom tees. The rest can be done fast and easy with the help of cheap printer online t-shirt sites like Yayprint where they do all the work.

So how exactly do you do it? Here is a quick step-by-step look at the cheapest way to make custom t-shirts.

Step 1 – The Design Idea And The Design Process

The first thing you need before you get anywhere close to printing custom tees is the actual design. This is what you want your cheap custom tshirts to say. If you have a specific message, this is what you should be focusing on. If there are graphics that will help make that message easier to understand, then you will want to use either a graphic or image to help with your overall custom tee design. Online t-shirt companies have editing and design tools you can use for this.

After you have decided on the actual message, you can add words, logos and just about anything else that will help you with your creation. Just remember that if you are using words that it is best to stay with one or two fonts and preferably font choices that are easy to read from a moderate distance. Your design should also be clear. That is to say, do not clutter it with excessive images, graphics or words. Less is more in this case and that is a good guide to follow.

Step 2 – Choosing The T-Shirt Style And Colour

The next big job you have is to select the types of t-shirts you will be printing your design on and the colour they will be. Essentially your t-shirt types will be men’s, women’s, children and toddler. You will also be required to indicate the size of custom tees you will be ordering. As for the colours, your message will be far easier to read and understand if the t-shirt colour actually contrasts with the majority of the colours you are using in the overall design.

The best way to look at this is to take into account signs and logos that you see every day. A stop sign has white on red. The majority of logos and brands being used for business have one or two primary colours that contrast against each other. This makes the logo or brand stand out. If your cheap tshirt design is mostly dark, then a light coloured t-shirt would work best. You are trying to get your design out there so that others can read and understand it.

Step 3 – Deciding On Where Your Design Should Be Printed

The size of your design is going to have some impact on the location it will occupy on your cheap custom shirts. If you are going to place it on the front, ensure that you don’t put it too high or too low on the shirt. Try to stick to placing it across the center of the chest. As for placement on the back of the cheap tees, avoid going too high or low by aiming for placing your custom design across the center of the back at your shoulders. Drop it a little to help the design.

Step 4 – Order Them And Wait For Them To Arrive

The final step is to place your order and go through the checkout. The printing will be taken care of and the finished products will be shipped to the address you provided as soon as they are completed. It is really that easy to get cheap tee shirts online. All you need is four simple steps and with online editing tools you can upload your own design or choose one from the library of graphics stored at the online cheap printer t-shirt website you are visiting.

Reasons Why You Would Need Cheap Custom Shirts

We gave you a few ideas at the start of this article. Here are a few more…you are on a bowling team and you need some shirts to identify your group. You collect music tees and want to create some of your own using graphics you have created. Maybe you plan to open your own online t-shirt business and need a place that can produce cheap custom tees affordably. Whatever your reason, it isn’t very hard to find the cheapest way to make custom t-shirts!


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