2016 Presidential Race

Donald Trump: Iraq “Harvard of Terrorism”

Donald Trump questions the policy of intervention in Iraq and Libya; the Middle East a “disaster.”

by Joey Clark

Donald Trump continues to distinguish himself from hawkish types in the GOP the likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, as he recently said Iraq is now “the Harvard of terrorism” because of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Donald Trump also criticized Hillary’s war  to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, “Frankly, there is no Iraq, and there is no Libya. It’s all broken up, they have no control, nobody knows what’s going on.”

Watch this snippet of Donald Trump talking to CNN’s Jake Tapper:

Jake Tapper: The world would be better off with Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi in power?

Donald Trump: 100 percent! 100 percent! Now as far as Assad is concerned

Jake Tapper: What about the human rights abuses and

Donald Trump: You don’t think they’re happening now? They’re worse now than they ever were! People are getting their heads chopped off, they’re being drowned! Right now, they’re far worse than they ever were under Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi. Look what happened! Libya’s a catastrophe. You look at our ambassador as an example. Libya is a disaster. Iraq is a disaster. Syria is a disaster. And it all blew up around Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It all blew up. 

Donald Trump is leading in most polls for the GOP Presidential nomination. More and more his “Trumpist” foreign policy sounds like “speak loudly and carry a big stick but be careful where you stick it or things may get crazy.”

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