DIY Making Your Living Room Expensive


The living room is arguably one of the most important rooms in your floor plan because it is where you will entertain your guests, throw parties, and relax over a nice book or a good soap opera. Your living room decor should be a reflection of you, with no compromises on the room’s appearance or comfort. You don’t have to spend a mint to put together a fancy look for it. Here are some designer tips to give your living room that luxurious makeover.

‘Let There Be Light’

Lighting is a good place to start to make your living room look bigger. Incorporate multiple light sources to give your living room depth. You can never go wrong with choosing an oversized light fixture or chandelier. Dimmer switches are a simple and inexpensive way to add warmth and coziness to your living room. Try swapping your lamp shade for a modern look to transform its look. 

The Living Room Furniture

Your muebles para sala must be curated with the contrast of colours and shapes in mind. Try to bring in different textures to bring a tailored look to your room. Glass, chrome, and fabric finishes give out modern looks, while natural materials like wood, leather, and metal give out a vintage impression. When you find yourself unsure of what material the furniture should be made of, try to mismatch the material to give out collected features. In your efforts to achieve elegant looks while saving money, include faux leather and sheepskin, as well as reclaimed furniture.

Add some textiles

Curtains and rugs are key in elevating your living room’s impression. Use neutral tones to give it a poised look. Extending your curtain from the ceiling to the floor is a simple way of using more textiles to bring out the elegance in your living space. While choosing an area rug, make sure you choose an appropriately sized rug for the room because if the rug is too long or too short, your walks on it will feel off-balance.

Statement Piece

A statement piece in your living room will always garner compliments and will be written down in the memories of your guests. It is a “you” element in your room. The statement piece sets the aesthetics for the room. It could be an art installation or even little art pieces on a shelf could get the job done. You could also thrift for vintage, heirloom pieces, which can be displayed as a statement piece.

Go Green

Indoor plants can serve multiple purposes along with bringing a verdant visual field to your home. They can filter out dust and other pollutants. They also present a tropical look for your abode. Tall indoor plants can be the star of attraction in your room with their striking greenery. A healthy money tree will most likely bring you financial fortunes as well!


I hope these ideas help you in your quest to decorate your living room and make it a true reflection of your aesthetics.


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