Five Benefits of a National Pardon

Lessons from the Cuban libertarian activists in the Gulag

In many countries, getting a national pardon is nothing but a very daunting task. In some cases, a national pardon is rejected to an individual for years, which is very heartbreaking. Still, there are many people who apply for a national pardon despite having done some of the most hideous crimes. Receiving a pardon removes multiple obstacles that a person creates by conducting a crime. In this article, we will explain a few benefits of a national pardon.

However, before we dig deep into the crux of the benefits, it is important to know what a national pardon is:

What is a national pardon?

A Canadian pardon helps in removing restrictions that are caused by past criminal activities. So for instance, if you visit Canada for the first time as a tourist and get caught with a fake ID, the government will ban your entry unless you don’t apply for a pardon and get it approved.

What are the benefits of a pardon?

  1. Greater employment opportunities

Canada is famous for its cosmopolitan culture and an open attitude towards everyone. However, your criminal record might discard any employment opportunity in the country. Millions of people flock the country every year in the pursuit of working and earning good money. Keep in mind, having a national pardon will eradicate your criminal record and make it easy for you to get employed. Every company conducts a background check to confirm the veracity of a person’s lifestyle.

  1. More education opportunities

Universities also conduct a background check on the applicants to make sure they won’t cause any trouble in the future. However, being accepted with a criminal record is also very common. Once you complete your education, opportunities that require on-the-job training will reject you. Therefore it is crucial to apply for a national pardon to get rid of such issues.

  1. Obtaining citizenship

Millions across the world swoon over Canadian citizenship. However, you need to have a clean chit if you intend to become a concrete part of the country by becoming its citizen. Any person who has a criminal record will be rejected citizenship; that is why it is important to get rid of the stains of the past. So you better get a pardon before applying for citizenship.

  1. More travel options

Even if you’re still in Canada after having convicted with a criminal record, you will very likely be rejected entry into different states of the country. Most countries ban criminals forever, which makes it difficult for them to navigate a trip again. Many people often get permanent cancellation of their entry in the US. This is why a lot of people apply for USA entry waiver to get entrance into the country again.

Therefore, no one can deny the fact, having a criminal record can bruise your entry status for a long time. Applying for a National Pardon is not as difficult as some people make it sound. So next time you plan a trip to Canada with a criminal record on your head already, you must get the problem out of the way by pursuing a national pardon first.



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