DHS Head: “Gun Control Is Now Part and Parcel of Homeland Security”

According to the anti-gun left, “The War on Terror” now requires us to fight a “War on Guns”

by Joey Clark

After being asked by a supposedly objective journalist “what will move the needle on gun control?” Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, told CBS yesterday that “meaningful and responsible gun control is now part and parcel of homeland security.”

This is the culmination of a new tactic by the left to advance their agenda to limit the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans to own guns for their defense. After playing the role of skeptics to Bush’s War on Terror for many years, the left has decided to use what Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal called our “perpetual war for perpetual peace” as a means of advancing their domestic agenda against guns in the name of security.

The Department of Homeland Security, a massive bureaucracy birthed by the George W. Bush administration, is now the left’s new favorite tool for societal control, as they are now calling for a ban on anyone who happens to be on a “no-fly list” or “terrorists watch list” from purchasing or owning a firearm. One would think, as common sense demands, the Department of Homeland Security to be a bit redundant. Do we not already have a Department of Defense? Yet, upon further inspection, “defense” and “security” are not exactly the same thing. Defense implies a reactive posture towards violence, whereas security implies a proactive approach.

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Thus, just as George W. Bush and his neoconservative cabal pushed a doctrine of preemption in foreign affairs, the left is proposing a doctrine of preemption in domestic affairs. And just like Bush’s preemptive war, any new preemptive laws on guns will have to be enforced by the use of government guns.

Apparently, Americans have not surrendered enough of their liberties in order to keep the “homeland” safe.

It is not enough that we have had our 4th Amendment rights eviscerated and our 1st Amendment rights chilled by the U.S. government’s mass surveillance programs? It is not enough that we have sent the Middle East spiraling out of control through our military interventions at the price of trillions of dollars and thousands, if not millions, of lives?

Is it not enough?

No, apparently, every tragedy must now be met with calls from both the right and the left to sacrifice liberty on the altar of security. Functionally, it’s as if terrorists are the shock troops for advancing the pre-fabricated political agendas of the Democrats and Republicans — the Democrats push for gun control and the right’s push for immigration control just to name two examples.

These three groups may be one another’s enemies, but they are all enemies of human liberty. Prepare to defend yourself accordingly while you still can.

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