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Despite Her “Tough On Wall St.” Vow, CEO’s Prefer Clinton Over Trump, Here’s Why

By Juliegrace Brufke

Despite Democratic presidential 2016 hopeful Hillary Clinton’s vow to be “tough on Wall Street,” the majority of Fortune 500 CEOs said they would vote for her over presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

A poll recently released by Fortune found a whopping 58 percent prefer the Former secretary of State, while 42 percent said Trump was the better option. Traditionally, top corporate executives in the financial sector have leaned Republican.

The publication attributed the results to Trump’s recent comments claiming America could buy back its debt on a discount and his stance on free trade.

Clinton said on numerous occasions she will stand up to financial institutions, but critics have slammed the candidate as a corporate shill for taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars for off-the-record speeches at major banks and accepting millions in donations throughout her career. She has repeatedly touted her plan to give financial regulators more power over banks and said she would veto any effort to soften or repeal the Dodd-Frank Act.

Sixty-nine percent of those surveyed said the regulations implemented by the Obama administration were in the top four issues their companies face.

Despite the regulatory challenges, 70 percent said they expect to grow their companies within two years.

The results are based off of the results of the survey sent to every Fortune 500 CEO in an email of which 71 percent replied. Sixteen of those who answered opted not to weigh in on the presidential election.

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