2016 Presidential Race

WATCH: Pelosi Blames Johnson & Stein for Clinton’s Bad Poll Numbers

by Josh Guckert

In an interview on CNN Friday, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed Gary Johnson and Jill Stein for Hillary Clinton‘s bad poll numbers. When asked why there is such an enthusiasm gap and tight polling between Clinton and Donald Trump, she said that some voters (including millennials) have gone to the “third and fourth” parties.

When pressed on the fact that Trump is perhaps doing well because he is seen as an “agent of change,” she insisted that Clinton would be even more of such a candidate because she is a woman. Pelosi then discussed the perils of so-called “trickle-down” economics. She assured the CNN hosts that Trump had no chance of winning because she has faith that Americans aren’t “bigots.” Pelosi concluded that voters cannot be surprised if they decide to cast a “protest vote” that numbers will turn out in a negative way.

The former House Speaker is only the latest to repeat the repeatedly-debunked “wasted vote” theory. She, like many other Democrats and Republicans, believes that the two major parties are somehow entitled to the votes of Americans. As seen by the recent CPD decision to exclude third-party candidates, the system is already predisposed toward protecting the two major parties. Nonetheless, a vote for a third-party candidate is just that: a vote for that candidate. Any suggestion that this is “wasted” or a vote for another candidate is complete nonsense.

Watch below:

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