David Spade to Obama: “Have a Little More Dignity”

Comedian David Spade slammed President Obama, saying that he wishes the president would “have a little more dignity” when it comes to his public appearances. Spade’s remarks reference the president’s recent appearance on Running Wild With Bear Grylls and his penchant for appearing in media typically seen as beneath the office.

“What president is doing reality shows?” Spade asked. “I realize that Woodrow Wilson went on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ once… It just sounds weird to me, you know, it’s just too much.”

“He’s on GQ, I’m like, leave that to Bradley Cooper,” Spade added. “You don’t need to go — you’re the president, you’re above all of us, you’re above stars, you’re above everything. When he’s trying to get in the mix like I want to present at the MTV Awards – all right guy, you got it, relax.”

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