Ann Coulter: “I Worship Trump. . .I Would Die For Him”

Trump, Coulter

by Brian Nichols

Another day, another moment for Ann Coulter to prove she is clinically insane.

Coulter, an unashamed and brash Donald Trump supporter, came out on Tuesday proclaiming on a Politico’s
“Off Message” podcast her love for Trump in an even more cult fashion than before;

“I worship him like the North Koreans worship the ‘Dear Leaders’ — yes, I would die for him.”

And yes, that’s an actual quote.

Coulter, who is fresh off of the Comedy Central Roast of Ann Cou- I mean Rob Lowe, gave no reason for those who do not find themselves in the Trump camp to lay off the Howitzers in her seemingly schoolgirl infatuation with the New York City business mogul.

What’s even more troublesome, as has been illustrated in the Trump apologists’ blind faith and support in Trump, is that the Trump phenomenon has evolved far beyond the traditional partisan/principled base of support, and has instead adopted a seemingly cult-like, Charles Manson-esque feel.  This is even more apparent in the title of Coulter’s new book: “In Trump We Trust” (again, not kidding).


Regardless of the results of the November election, one thing is for certain: The political-cult phenomenon started in 2008 under Obama, which evolved and became emboldened under Trump in 2016, has created truly scary and uncertain times for American politics in elections to come.

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