Flashback: Senator Biden Urges President Bush to Not Nominate Supreme Court Justice (Video)

With the current battle raging over Justice Scalia’s replacement, C-SPAN released a video from 1992 showing then Senator Joe Biden urging President Bush 41 to not nominate a Supreme Court Justice.

“President Bush should consider following the practice of the majority of his predecessors and not, and not, name a nominee until after the November election is completed,” he says at the start of the video. “The Senate too, must decide how it must respond to a Supreme Court vacancy that would occur in the full throes of an election year.”

Biden also drew a comparison to President Millard Fillmore.

“It is my view, that if the President goes the way of Presidents Fillmore and Johnson and presses an election year nomination, the Senate Judiciary Committee should seriously consider not scheduling a confirmation hearing on the nomination until after the political campaign season is over.”

Biden went to Twitter to defend himself.

He then tweeted that he presided over the nomination of Justice Kennedy.

But several Twitter users didn’t buy it.

This is just one volley in the war between President Obama and the Republican controlled Senate over when Scalia’s replacement should be nominated. Republicans have brought up how Senator Chuck Schumer urged the blocking of any of President George W. Bush’s nomination, as well as then Senator Barack Obama’s filibustering of Justice Alito’s nomination.

Obama later claimed he regretted filibustering Justice Alito’s nomination.