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Wednesday September 13, 2017, the Grand Rapids Police department, released the conversations of officers in relation to an alcohol related, wrong way crash involving an ex state prosecutor. During the calls one can plainly hear the officers setting up what amounts to a conspiracy to cover up the severity of the crash and level of intoxication of the assistant county prosecutor.

The incident was very serious. The public employee drove on the wrong side of the road and caused a serious crash while under the influence of alcohol and failing 1 of 3 the administered field sobriety tests. What started as an attempt at favorable sentencing wound up being a true conspiracy involving the public investigator’s office after five calls. One officer, Sergeant Thomas Warwick, said he would involve his wife, who works a the county prosecutor’s office.

Sargent Warwick was demoted. Officers Janiskee and Ickes faced no punishment beside’s temporary leave, just like Warwick said would happen on the phone.

The county prosecutor’s office, remarkably, is not pressing charges against the officers.