Civil Disobedience? As Many as 100k Break Gun Registration Law (VIDEO)

Civil Disobedience? As Many as 100k Break Gun Registration Law (VIDEO)

Tens of thousands of peaceful gun owners commit class D felony.

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Tens of thousands of Connecticut of gun owners – perhaps as many as 100,000 – have committed class D felonies by failing to register their semi-automatic weapons by December 31st.

Last April, Connecticut hurriedly passed a draconian new gun law requiring the owners of semi-automatic weapons to submit to registration. Massive lines encircled government buildings as Connecticut gun owners scrambled to comply with the law.

Reporters captured the dystopian spectacle and interviewed registrants. “The law, I don’t really think is gonna stop any crime,” one man told WFSB. “How many criminals do you think are in line right now registering their weapons?”


Many gun owners submitted to registration – but most did not.

Yet many gun owners did not comply with the law. Officials say that as few as 15% of the semi-automatic weapons in the state have been registered.

Sen. Tony Guglielmo, the ranking Republican on the state’s public safety committee, has said that some gun owners may have defied the law as an act of “civil disobedience.”

Yet Guglielmo also said that “If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don’t follow them, then you have a real problem.”

Many gun owners may simply have been unaware of the law. The Connecticut Citizens Defense League has said “there are people finding out now after the fact.”

Caught up in anti-gun hysteria, the state of Connecticut has effectively created thousands of new felons whose only crime was not paying attention to the media.



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