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Cato’s Michael Cannon: House Leaders Threaten to Leave Obamacare and Pin it On House Freedom Caucus


 By Kody Fairfield

Cato Institute’s Director of Health Policy, and constant critic of Obamacare, Michael Cannon may have exposed some of the dirty politics coming out of Washington DC regarding the House Republicans debacle that is healthcare replacement. 

Cannon tweeted “Sources: House leadership threatens to pull bill to preserve , and then blame House for ObamaCare still being law.”

The report by Cannon has many on social media retorting that the new GOP is politics as usual, and that K-12 student councils are more equipped for dealing with important matters, than the House leadership.

The Cato health policy wonk, has said that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) would “raise premiums 20%, and  and leave more people uninsured than fully repealing.” Cannon is also on the front lines of the movement repeal Obamacare regulations through the act of reconciliation in the Senate, and idea which was talked about on Thursday, during a Capitol Hill briefing.

While time will tell what is to come of the House GOP leadership’s AHCA bill, the only thing that appears certain at this time is a sentiment tweeted by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) earlier in the day. (Massie is also a critic of the American Health Care Act).

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