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 “Pothole vigilante” takes matters into his own hands

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Frustrated by all the potholes in his neighborhood, a Long Island man has started filling them up himself.

“I had a huge pothole right here in front of my house and they told me that I could’ve found another way of going around it to getting into my driveway,” Bob Fitzgerald has said. “So that’s when I started fixing it.”

While Fitzgerald’s pothole vigilantism has earned him the ire of authorities, his neighbors are grateful. “He’s definitely going to heaven” one told CBS New York.

Using the creation and maintenance of roads to illustrate the importance of a central government is the easiest way to annoy many libertarians. Historically, of course, many roads have been built by private businesses. In the 19th century, for example, there were more than 80 such turnpikes built-in just the state of New Hampshire.

Additionally, many people are unaware of how frequently voluntary exchange gives rise to free services. When libertarian writer Tracey Zoeller decided to look for examples of private goods that were freely available to the public, he was able to find a free private street, park, and museum all minutes away from his home.

A free private street, park, and museum in Kansas City.

A free private street, park, and museum in Kansas City.

  • Has he been arrested yet? Govt’s always have the cash to STOP people from doing the job for them, but never the cash to do the job itself.

    • Herbert Napp

      Excellent post!

  • Cranky57

    I am sure they can pick up the pace. Just authorize them to collect more taxes so they can add workers, equipment and materials. Unlike the Federal Government local and State Governments must work within their means. There is no golden goose layin eggs for them.

    • Mick

      Yeah, I’m sure a little bit more in taxes will ensure it gets done. LMAO You sound too naive to actually be a frequenter of a libertarian news site? In fact, municipalities and the states do have numerous golden eggs coming to them by way of federal sources, so you obviously don’t pay much attention…AT ALL. And if local and state governments must work within their means…then explain the fiscal troubles of California? Detroit? Get back to me after you catch up on current events.

      • Dawn – Naturally Texan

        and indeed they likely do raise taxes claiming they need it to fix the roads but it never is used for it and gets reappropriated for something completely different that no tax payer agreed to or wanted. like toll roads owned by foreign based companies

        • Mick


    • Paul Wappler

      Here’s a cool idea. YOU pay for it. Considering I already understand that giving the government more money for being incompetent is the dumbest idea possible, I shouldn’t have to pay them money to screw off with. So chalk it up bro. Giving them more money always sounds super amazing at first to solve one problem now, but you don’t seem to grasp the inefficiency of government workers/contractors yet, so I’d prefer the funds aren’t stolen from me… but from you.

  • Snap N McGarrett

    Union thugs haven’t paid him a visit yet?

  • Sean Haddy

    There are people in California whom have been been arrested for doing this because towns aren’t keeping up with this.

  • Thomas Smith

    There is an 17 yr old here in Lake City Florida that got arrested for standing a stop sign up that had gotten run over.

  • althtnmore

    An 80 year old women in Columbus, Ohio was arrested for putting money in peoples expired parking meters.

  • TW

    I love it. I hate the gov’t built the roads argument. It’s crap. Most roads were built by businesses and communities who wanted to settle an area. The gov’t built the interstate highways. The majority of roads were privately funded and maintained with tax dollars at a local level.