Possible Copycat Attack of London, Prevented in Belgium


By Dries Van Thielen

On Thursday around 11 AM, one day after the terrorist attacks in London, police forces in the city of Antwerp, Belgium prevented an attempt at a copycat attack.

According to Mayor Bart De Wever, a driver of Northern-African descent (identified as 39-year old Frenchman Mohamed R.)  drove with full speed towards Meir Street, amain shopping avenue, and neglected all traffic lights. The police signaled the driver to stop but he ignored.

Soldiers and policemen who were strolling through the streets of Antwerp after the terrorist attack in Brussels of March 22, managed to retain the vehicle, two streets afar from Meir.
Police and Army delimited a perimeter around the vehicle and the car was stripped for explosives. It was reported that heavy weaponry (riot gun, knives, and an unidentified liquid) was found inside the vehicle.
Whether this was a true terrorist attack or just a witch hunt after the London attacks is unclear, but Mayor De Wever did say that, “much worse was prevented today.”
If more information on this incident becomes available, this article will be updated.


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