Boy Florida Forcibly Circumcised Now Has Leukemia- His Mother Fights for Visitation

Micah J. Fleck


[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]eather Hironimus is a saint. And I say that as someone without any present religious affiliation. I can say it because for the past year I have been covering her fight (and ultimate loss) against the government over her son’s bodily autonomy, seen the desperation of both she and her boy as the state of Florida forcibly circumcised him over a legally questionable document the uninvolved father coerced the mother into signing, and now observe her unwavering resolve as she continues to fight through even more tragedy and superfluous roadblocks in dealing with her son’s latest struggle- a battle against leukemia.

I say again: Heather Hironimus is a saint. I say it because it is undeniably true.

Once the father of the boy- arguably one of the most loathsome humans I’ve ever had the displeasure of writing about- won his ridiculous case and got the state of Florida to go ahead with the circumcision, he didn’t stop his power trip there. He reportedly requested that the mother (who had been on the run for months in order to protect her son from the needless operation he did not want done) be prevented from seeing their child because she was a danger. The dripping irony here would make me laugh if the circumstances and implications of this whole case were less grim. Now that their son suffers from leukemia, and because the circumcision did go through, St. Heather has finally been granted access to visit him again. Prior to this, she had only seen him once since she was arrested and coerced into finally granting the circumcision months ago. Once.

The silver lining here is that the latest reports now say that the brave boy is in remission, but only early stages. This means that he has plenty of chemotherapy and hospital stays to endure, and the fact that so far he has been prevented by the state to see his mother- the one who loved him so much that she did everything she could for as long as she could to protect him- is some of the most sinister proof of government incompetence and lack of respect for its citizens’ autonomy I have seen in a long time.

Children, unable to fully stand for themselves on the legal front, shouldn’t be forced to comply with unjust rulings against their wishes, and they certainly shouldn’t be made to suffer a potentially deadly illness without the ones they love. This boy has unfortunately suffered both of these injustices. Let us hope that moving forward, the future for him and his mother will finally brighten.

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