Mom Fighting Against Forced Circumcision of Son is Now a Wanted Fugitive

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Heather Hironimus, a woman who has been in a very public court battle since 2012 with her son’s father over whether or not to have the boy circumcised at age 4, has now fled with son in tow.  The courts has reportedly sided with the father’s wishes to circumcise the child, even though neither he nor his mother wanted it (it should be noted that Hironimus initially agreed with the father that the boy should be circumcised, but since learned of its lack of necessity and the boy’s own fear of the procedure and therefore changed her mind).

The court’s decision had already been stayed when the case’s overseer, Circuit Judge Jeffrey Gillen, found Hironimus in contempt when she failed to show up for a scheduled ruling last Friday.  Now, Tuesday the 10th has also gone by with no sign of Hironimus, and that was to be the final date of a grace period where the rule of contempt would not have extended to issuing any arrest warrants. Now that said period is over, Hironimus is now a fugitive running from the law, and if she is found she will be arrested – all because she wants to respect her son’s bodily autonomy.  I think I speak for all lovers of liberty when I say I hope Judge Gillen is proud of himself for ruling against this boy’s right to self-ownership.

The developments of this story are ongoing, but as of this writing the mother and son are said by a source to have checked into an undisclosed domestic violence safe center and will possibly remain in hiding indefinitely. The cause of all of this trouble, the boy’s father Dennis Nebus, hasn’t even been seen since February 19th. Now with the mother and son also off the radar, the mystery of what will ultimately come of this ruling deepens.  Let us hope all involved parties come out of this nightmare as safe and free as possible.

To learn more about male circumcision and its negative effects, follow the link below:

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