2016 Presidential Race

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is “Establishment” Candidate

Bernie Sanders is now suggesting the obvious: Hillary Clinton represents the establishment.

For months media pundits and Democratic politicos praised the “civility” of the Democratic Presidential race as opposed to the free-for-all feeding frenzy on the GOP side of the aisle.

However, since the first Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have taken to criticizing one another in more overt ways though they insist they want the campaign to be about the issues.

Accordingly, Bernie Sanders has taken to criticizing Clinton as a political insider and flip-flopper on issues of gay rights, international trade, war, and criminal justice. Clinton has fired back accusing Sanders of being soft on gun control and even suggesting Sanders was sexist for claiming she was “shouting” on the issue of guns in America.

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Now, Bernie Sanders is continuing his push to distinguish himself from the Democratic front-runner by suggesting what should be obvious to all: Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate in the race.

Will Sanders’ criticisms of Hillary be enough for him to best her in the primaries?

We will only know in the fullness of time, but the current populist mood in the country–reflected by the candidacies of Sanders, Carson, and Trump–is palpable to anyone covering the race and suggests Sanders may be onto something by playing the “establishment” card against Clinton.

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