Top 10 White Male Privileges

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Dying in wars. Ahh yes, the ultimate in male privilege. Turning 18 in this country offers men the opportunity to be sent to new and exotic lands, meet interesting people, and kill them! And did you know that when you register for the selective service, they send you a free razor? That right there must be that free stuff we get. Of course, they send them to blacks and Asian men as well, so it’s not really exclusively a white privilege. My favorite is when feminists are like “but men are the ones who start the wars,” and I’m like, yeah and then there are the women who encourage it. Trust me ladies, you don’t want none of this privilege. You can have mine. I’ll trade you. Maybe I can follow Mitt Romney‘s lead, get deferments and join the ministry in France to avoid my privilege? Or maybe if I check my privilege, I will realize that even though I have to die in wars, it’s WOMEN that are the primary victims here, right?

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