This Video Of A Police Altercation Is Remarkable For What The Cops DON’T Do

HONG KONG, CHINA – A video of an altercation between a Hong Kong citizen and a cop shows a remarkable demonstration of restraint by police.

The officer approaches a man who was engaged in a dispute at a money exchange shop, grabbing him by the back of the neck. The citizen reacts, somewhat understandably to being grabbed from behind by punching the ever-loving crap out of the officer. News reports called it a “vicious attack,” but how the hell else would you react if you were grabbed from the back?

What’s interesting to note about the altercation is that when officers finally subdued the man, they refrained from beating the hell out of the man. Contrast this with the story from the other day where police officers in Los Angeles beat, tased, and killed a homeless man who resisted arrest. How did the officers in Hong Kong manage to subdue this citizen without killing him? It’s a miracle!

On a side note, the officers involved in the LAPD shooting are now claiming that the homeless man “reached for their gun.” Which is the excuse preferred by legal types like Billy Flynn, who in the Broadway Musical Chicago reminded his merry murderesses to say “oh yes we both reached for the gun!”

Chicago The Musical – We Both Reached For The Gun

Or maybe you could take the South Park

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