Are there Nazis who call themselves “libertarians”?

My recent piece entitled “Dinner with a Nazi” generated extraordinary amounts of controversy when it was unveiled several days ago. No surprise with a title like that. However, the criticism that I received for it was not that it wasn’t true, but that Hitler really was correct. Some people have been telling me to shut up and stop stirring the pot, but I refuse to be cowed by mental authoritarians who don’t care to hear uncomfortable truths. If there are National Socialists confusing themselves as libertarians they should be discouraged and dismayed by much of the good news that has arisen since I have begun my investigation and reporting on these people. Dozens and dozens of supporters have written privately and publicly in support of rationally debunking conspiracy theories and antisemitism attempting to co-opt the liberty message. But there were some people who claimed I was lying, there are no people calling themselves National Socialists in the liberty movement. That is contradicted by the evidence however after a page calling itself “ProLiberty” shared the article in question here. Responses below. What are your thoughts?

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