3 Things Americans Should Be Outraged About

FACTUALLY, America is an exceptional and unique nation. There has never been another nation that has come close to your history and principles.

America is the only nation that was founded on the ideals and principles of nature’s law and nature’s God. These principles are consistent and never change regardless of the time or who holds power. Every other nation past and present was founded on the laws of man. Those principles must be popular and have the political will of those in power. They are ever-evolving and can change drastically with an election result.

The principles of free will helped America take a 5000 year leap and innovate products that have benefited every nation. Look around at society and you see advancement everywhere. When we go into a house, we expect to flip a switch and have electricity and internet. We take things like indoor plumbing for granted, yet not long ago people went outside. The creation of the internet allows people from all over the world to communicate (you are currently reading the words of an Irishman 6000 miles away).

Sadly, it is not all good news though. If you look around at America (and the world) in 2020, you also realize how toxic things have become because of politics. As someone who loves America (and has spent over 16 years trying and failing to get there legally), it is so sad to watch as people in DC and the media are sowing the seeds of hate, anger and division. They have become successful at creating a culture which has no tolerance for a different viewpoint and loves to virtue signal how pure they are.

Look around today and count the number of people who discuss principles and ideas. Now compare that with the amount of people who merely love to blame the other side for America’s problems.

Last week, President Trump gave his annual State of the Union address to Congress. Regardless of whether you watched or not, I can guarantee you heard about one aspect of the speech. It was not some policy or proposal that the President discussed. It was what the media wanted to sell you and both sides got their wish:

My friends on the right are “outraged” by Speaker Pelosi tearing up the President’s speech after he finished. It “inspired” countless articles, headlines, memes and gifs.

My friends on the left are “outraged” by President Trump snubbing Speaker Pelosi at the start of the speech by not shaking her hand. This has also “inspired” countless articles and headlines for media outlets.

I feel confident that some will read those comments, and will respond, “Yeah but John, they started it” or “the other side is way worse” or even ask me “how can you defend ______.”


Since we live in a world where everyone wants to be outraged and angry, please allow me to highlight three issues EVERY American should be outraged by.

A Politicians JOB

Contrary to popular belief, American politicians have only one official job. It is NOT to grow the economy. It is not to be loyal to a party or its leader. It is not even to follow the will of the people. If you are elected to serve in the Federal government, your sole job is follow your oath of office which includes some version of these words – preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Yet, BOTH sides openly violate it every day. When was the last time you saw ANYONE in Congress understand and highlight Article 1 Section 8? This is a strict limit on federal power. If any law includes language and power not in those 18 clauses, it must be left up to individual states to decide the path forward.

Likewise, when was the last time you saw ANY President admit they have NO REAL legislative POWER as that belongs in Congress? The President is the commander-in-chief of the military, a figurehead to meet other world leaders, and has the power to veto legislation. Do both sides only act outraged at Presidential power when the other side holds the office?

Spending and Debt

Over the last twenty years, it has been politically popular to highlight the deficit and National Debt. We saw this as Candidate Obama called President Bush unpatriotic for growing the debt from $6 trillion to $9.6 trillion in his eight years in office.

Toward the end of the Bush administration (because of bailouts), America saw the creation of the Tea Party. The Tea Party railed against President Obama for his spending spree and growing the debt. During his 8 years in office, the debt grew from $9.6t to over $19t. If you are on the right, you likely saw memes about how Obama added more to the debt in his 8 years in office than the prior 43 Presidents combined.

Let’s fast forward to 2020. Your debt is growing at a TRILLION dollars every year and currently stands at $23.25t. Yet, who speaks about it? Does anyone say it’s unsustainable? Does anyone highlight that this issue alone could destroy America because there is not enough money in the whole world to lend you if you go bankrupt? Does anyone care that your kids and grandkids will have fewer opportunities because this generation of politicians can’t even agree to follow simple budgetary processes?


I can and have spoken at length on why America’s founders were exceptional men. One of those reasons is because they spoke about self-evident principles that should be obvious to everyone but man never really recognized them.

One of those principles is life and how EVERY individual has meaning, purpose and a God-given right to pursue their happiness. In many countries (even today), you are judged on many aspects of life over which you have no control and they determine your future prospects. You can be judged on anything from your gender, race, class, parents, education to where you grew up and your income status.

America was based on the ideal that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their happiness regardless of their past. It’s critical to understand that America has not always lived up to her ideals or made good on her promises. However you are the only nation to make that promise, as many other nations still base their opinions on other criteria).

There are plenty of politicians who love to claim they are pro-life. Is Planned Parenthood defunded? NO. It still operates as normal partly funded by the American tax-payer.


America’s future is yet to be written. How you and your fellow citizens act right now will determine your future. I believe this can be the decade America returns to being an exceptional nation. Every American generation has faced a major battle and has overcome them. You overcame the superpower of the day at your founding, overcame your dfferences in Philadelphia, beat England again in 1812, overcame slavery, survived the Great Depression, defeated Nazism, and won the Cold War. Oh, and you also went to the moon.

America, you have the roadmap to success and also unquestionable proof that it works.

The future all boils down to one simple question. Will you, the American people, return to your founding roots and become exceptional once again? Or will you continue on the failed path of hate, anger and outrage, constantly arguing over which sides is worse.

“Whatever else history may say about me when I am gone. I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears; to your confidence rather than your doubts. My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty’s lamp guiding your steps and opportunity’s arm steadying your way.”
– Ronald Reagan

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