ANTIFA Corners Joey Gibson At Portland Gas Station While His Friend Is Killed

UPDATE: Now that the next of kin has been notified, we are revealing that the deceased man’s name is Aaron “Jay” Danielson.


On Saturday night, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer was surrounded and mobbed by ANTIFA on the streets of Portland.

This was shortly following the shooting death of a conservative activist who was with the Patriot Prayer Group.


After the shooting took place, ANTIFA members surrounded Gibson. They followed him and continued to assault him while he was attempting to leave.

Gibson and his friends seek refuge in the gas station. In the first of the two below videos, you can hear a protester yell, “everyone out of the gas station! Fucking idiots. Gas is fucking flammable!”

According to some, ANTIFA was going to attempt to set the gas station on fire, which explains the comments heard in that video.

Below is a video clip where the sounds of gunshots from the shooting can be heard.

Below is a direct video of the shooting. While it is hard to tell exactly what is happening, there are two shots fired. 

A mist cloud appears just prior to the shots being fired, appearing as if the victim attempted to mace the shooter just prior to being shot twice.

It sounds as if someone is shouting “we have one right here! We have a Trumper right here!”

Another voice asks, “Right here?”

The mist is then deployed followed by the two gunshots.

According to Andrew Duncomb, a conservative activist, the deceased was a friend of his.

The Libertarian Republic has also confirmed with Joey Gibson himself that the deceased was a friend of his. 

ANTIFA originally claimed that the victim was one of theirs.

When it turned out that the deceased was a Conservative activist and not ANTIFA, how did ANTIFA respond? Did they change their tune? Glad you asked.

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