Amit Raizada And Team Echo Fox Make A Mark In ESports

Amit Raizada And Team Echo Fox Make A Mark In ESports

The business of gaming has undergone significant changes in the past few decades. The phenomenal growth has attracted a mix of talented players and dedicated investors. For Rick Fox, the industry provides exciting opportunities for all stakeholders, including fans. The entrepreneur made the decision to invest in gaming after attending the North American League of Legends Championship (2015) in New York.

Echo Fox, which he co-founded, has since become a household name in esports thanks to shrewd decisions and the support of key partners like Amit Raizada from Los Angeles. A combination of passion and a solid team is continuing to push the company to new heights. Echo Fox is benefiting from widespread recognition by notable news outlets like MSN Sports.

Rick turned to Amit because they had previously worked together in successful ventures. The partnership allowed Echo Fox to benefit from Amit’s vision, expertise and integrity. The esports business requires professionals with exceptional skills in crafting profitable deals.


Amit Raizada eSports Entrepreneur is well known in Los Angeles for his outstanding business acumen. He exudes confidence in his abilities, which is a key quality that helps determine the success of startups. At Echo Fox, he works tirelessly behind the scenes to help steer the entity in the right direction.

Team Echo Fox fields talented players in several games, including Call of Duty: WWII and Gears of War 4. In the early days, the firm acquired Gravity Gaming’s spot in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). Echo Fox paid a cool $1 million for the LCS spot and the move paid dividends as the company continued to expand.

In 2016, Rick and Amit made the decision to sign a team known as Torqued, which was involved in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The following year, the duo welcomed Jared Jeffries, who joined the organization as president of the team.




Amit demonstrated considerable commitment from the start by giving up his personal life to contribute to the business’ success. He became a mentor for Rick, a former Los Angeles Laker. During the formative years, Rick benefited from his partner’s expertise in the area of formulating a franchise plan. Amit agreed to join Echo Fox because he saw great potential in the business.


The duo co-founded the entity with the intention to turn it into a leading esports business. Amit also played a major role in helping Rick recruit a high-powered team of experienced business executives for the front office. A number of finance and legal professionals accompanied the team.


Former Verisign Chief Executive Officer, Stratton Sclavos is one of the big names that joined the management team. Jace Hall, a gaming legend brought experience and expertise to the organization as he served as CEO of Echo Fox.


Once the front office workforce was assembled, Amit and Rick turned their attention to selecting the best players for Echo Fox. The job was easier given the contribution of Jace Hall.


Team Echo Fox benefits from the support provided by the management team. The executives oversee various aspects of the players’ welfare, including fitness, diet and even sleep patterns. In addition, the players receive comprehensive assistance when it comes to preparation and training.


They also gain access to top coaches and world-class training facilities. Rick says that recruiting and providing support for the Team Echo Fox alongside professionals like Amit Raizada eSports Entrepreneur is one of the most satisfying tasks of running this business.


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