Best Historic Locations In Europe

Best Historic Locations In Europe

Going abroad isn’t all about relaxing and escaping life’s difficulties – instead, you can also simply appreciate the rich, authentic world that we live in and visit some of the most iconic, historic locations that Europe holds. While the world is constantly developing thanks to technological innovation, there are still precious spots within Europe that stand still in time, transporting you back by centuries to help you admire how far we’ve come in society. Simply pack your things, including your EHIC card, and head off to these breath-taking, historic locations.

Athens, Greece

You’d be crazy to disregard Greece is a historic location full stop, especially considering that philosophy was born in Athens. While Athens holds a rich history surrounding philosophy and famous Greek gods, it also has a spectacular urban personality that you won’t find elsewhere in Europe. Named after the beautiful Greek goddess, Athena, Athens has always been the epitome of history for Greece. For example, you have The Acropolis here, which proudly stands supreme, illuminating the streets at night. Plus, if you want an even richer experience, you can wander into its museum, located behind the Parthenon, where you can find an abundance of historic statues to open your eyes to the true origins of philosophy.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fast-forward several decades, and you’ve got yourself in the Medieval times, where they’re philosophies were very different to those of the Greek times. In order to transport yourself to these odd but legendary times, there’s no better place to visit than the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. The iconic walls were built and fortified between the 13th and 16th centuries, seeing not only the medieval period, but also the Renaissance as well. Just looking at the structures of these walls will keep you in awe, as you can truly appreciate the work put into the Croatian city in order to protect from incoming battles and wars. Plus, to get to most out of your trip to this historic location, you can head out to see on a kayak to get a panoramic view of the city – divine!

Auschwiz & Birkenau, Poland

There’s no denying that the events that unfolded at these European destinations are unspeakable, however the rich history that they hold is unbeatable. Being the ultimate symbol of genocide during World War II, you can’t help but feel emotional and sympathetic for all of the victims that endured a murderous fate while trapped at these concentration camps. You have the choice of being taken on a 3 and a half hour tour to gain exclusive insights into what happened at this historical European location, or you can wander alone to truly absorb the horrific events that occurred here.

London’s Historical Walk, England

Why visit a single historical landmark when you can bear witness to several in a single day? In London, there is a clear defined path that you can take in order to get picturesque views of the most authentic landmarks in the city. Beginning at the Tower of London, you can walk along the Thames River, and possibly even board a boat for an in-depth tour regarding the history of the famous river. Walking along the Thames, you will also pass St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as Westminster Abbey and 10 Downing Street, holding decades of governmental history. These are just a few of the many landmarks that you will pass on your walk, making this location a worth-while choice when wanting to see a range of historic landmarks.

We wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for the work of our ancestors before us, so it’s vital to be observant at the historic locations and truly appreciate what the world went through to get us here now. It doesn’t just end here though, as there are plenty of other historic locations within Europe just waiting for your presence, so get hunting!


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