Best Sleeping Positions with Sciatica Cushion

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Sciatic patients find it difficult to sleep since lying in certain positions can put pressure on their nerves and cause irritation, as well as flare-up of symptoms.  Sciatica mimics with symptoms such as shooting pain along the nerve. To relieve this, you have to sleep in certain positions less likely to cause pain. 

Sciatica can be detrimental to the quality of your sleep. According to studies, people with chronic lower back pain often deal with sleep disorders. Some trial and error must be done for you to know the best sleeping position for your sciatica.  For instance, you may need sciatica cushion to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. Check out the following sciatica sleeping positions.

  • Sleep On Your Side 

Side sleeping helps minimize pain as it takes the pressure off your irritated nerve. So, you need to lie on your mattress with your bruised side on top. Also, put a small cushion between your waist and mattress to minimize side bending. 

  • Put A Pillow In The Middle Of Your Knees

Position the pillow between your knees so that your pelvis and spine can remain in a neutral place. This will stop your legs from rotating in the night. You can also do the following:

  • Place your shoulder on the mattress as you relax your body against your mattress.
  • Bend your knees slightly, then place a thin pillow between them.
  • Place a smaller pillow under your waist in case of a gap.  
  • Fetal Position

A fetal position will open up space between your vertebrae, which may minimize back pain produced by a herniated disc. But a smaller percentage of people find it worsening their pain. In such a case try the following positions. 

  • Sleep on your side and lift your chest to be in a C like position. 
  • Lie on your back with a pillow under your knees

If you lie on your back, you’ll dispense your weight uniformly across your back. Similarly, put a dense cushion underneath your knees to sustain your spine curvature by soothing your hip flexors. And sleeping on your back with a cushion under your head offers support.

  • Use A Pillow Under Your Lower Back

If you place a towel or thin cushion beneath your lower back, it will keep your spine in an unbiased position by decreasing the space between your back, as well as the mattress. For instance;

  • Lie facing-up using a relaxing cushion behind your head.
  • Slide a skinny pillow below your lower back to restfully keep your pelvis in an unbiased location.
  • Also, combine this method using a pillow beneath your knees to keep you extra comfortable. 


In case you have sciatica pain, sleep on your side or back rather than sleeping on your stomach, which might aggravate pain. Also, if you love sleeping on your back, put a cushion between your knees, your waist, and the mattress. Also, if you like sleeping on your back put a sciatica cushion beneath your lower back, as well as knees to reduce pain. 

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